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'Right-to-work' right for Indiana

Legislators have made it clear the main issue in short session this year is the "right-to-work" bill. Republicans, led by Gov. Mitch Daniels, have vowed to make the legislation law....more >>

Another sheriff's deputy needed for safety of residents

The main responsibility of a government is pretty simple: to ensure the safety of its residents. Without that, nothing else really matters....more >>

The man behind the curtain

The Life Less Traveled

The Emerald City. The cowardly lion. Munchkins galore. Who doesn't love the classic film "The Wizard of Oz"? Well, for one, I don't....more >>

Recent Columns
This land was made for you and me
Just a thought
January 18, 2012
If he were still alive, Woody Guthrie, who wrote that song, would turn 100 this year. Since it was written, back in the days of labor disputes and union organizing, the song has become a sort of national anthem. It is sung by children in classrooms and gymnasiums, at political events, protests and even around Boy Scout campfires ...more >>
Grumpy old man
The Life Less Traveled
January 18, 2012
I was getting ready for an early-morning doctor appointment last week when I noticed another gray whisker poking out from my sideburn. Im turning 40 this year and seem to be finding a lot of them lately. I suspect my wife is dying them while I sleep. How else can I explain it? ...more >>
It's time to act on animal control
January 11, 2012
Faced with Crawford County having no animal control, the board of commissioners contracted with David Cox, who had the necessary experience and equipment from his days of owning an exotic zoo near English, to collect strays. Unfortunately, concerns about liability soon surfaced and, with insurance too expensive, the county and Cox ended their agreement. ...more >>
Milltown Mini Mart loses unfair fight
Just a thought
January 11, 2012
Many people were afraid it would come down to this. And, on New Years Eve, Jerry and Robyn Carman turned out the lights in the Milltown Mini Mart, locked the doors and went home. Their worries diminished, but so did their hopes and dreams. ...more >>
The Life Less Traveled
January 11, 2012
Who would have guessed Id be invited to such a fancy party? This place was an honest-to-goodness mansion, absolutely huge. Its not every house that has its own ballroom and library. ...more >>
Barbara Shaw
Schuler Bauer
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