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The two sides of free speech

Inspiration Corner

June 13, 2018
We are becoming a nation in utter confusion, one that reacts with knee-jerk rapidity and one that is losing its common sense. Roseanne Barr is all over the news because she said hateful things that were clearly racist. ABC canceled her show and then she tweeted more than 100 times blaming it on Ambien and waffling then about acknowledging it was inappropriate.

We'll have both sides weighing in with opposing views; one saying she has a right to free speech, and the other lamenting about the racist comments. To me, free speech needs to be responsibly utilized. It means we have the right to disagree or agree. It means we have the right to share information that might be suppressed in other more dictatorial and oppressive countries. It means we have a voice that can be heard rather than silenced.

Free speech does not mean we get to verbally vomit all over people, destroy people's lives and reputations, spew vitriol and hatred with impunity and claim white supremacy over ethnic groups.

Many will disagree with me because they'll say, "Well, that's free speech." Well, yes, technically, it is, but that's the problem. People who have little conscience and who, in my opinion, have little emotional intelligence hide behind that amendment to our Constitution and subvert it to destroy rather than to enlighten, educate and raise the consciousness of the public. They are using it to divide, separate, denigrate and increase hatred. I know, it's always been done, but there were internal guidelines we all had been taught that kept us in check. Now, there are no boundaries.

Freedom of speech is now beginning to appeal to our basic instincts in humans. And the concept of mob psychology has now taken hold in the psyche of the American public. If anyone questions us about our nasty and hateful communications, we just say, "I have the right to free speech." Yes, you do, but you obviously don't see how sacred a right it is. You use it as a weapon to maim and kill rather than as a tool to encourage questioning and to see how we all are collectively slaves to a system that continues to rob us blind in every aspect of our lives.

Our moral and spiritual compass is being smashed into unrecognizable pieces because we want to hold onto our right to free speech. To me, I'd rather have us collectively return to balance rather than hurling epithets at "political correctness." Some PC is appropriate because it takes into consideration another person's sensitivities. But, with everything, it can be corrupted. So, instead of being intelligent about correcting it, we just want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, have no limitations so we can be "free."

Well, just look around and see how free you are. Without recognizing it, you are using your free speech to incite silencing and repression. You don't even see how your thoughtless comments and follow-up actions are having the opposite effect while, at the same time, causing undue harm to others.

Roseanne said she was being funny. Funny to whom? I think her verbal tirades illustrated two things: no heart and no emotional intelligence. Then, she blamed it on a pill. This is what we do. We spew and spew, and then, when we are punished, we blame something or someone else.

We have become enthralled with "no boundaries." Ironically, however, people don't see that their spirits are imprisoned even though their mouths run wild. As we become ever more undisciplined in what we say and the actions that stem from them, the more we will recognize that this misuse of freedom just got you permanently locked up.

Let's wake up and see that we are feeding into the hidden agenda. The more we act divisively, the more we tear down other ethnic groups because we mistakenly think white is so much better. The more we express our hatred through our words, then we have accomplished the goals of the dark forces in our country. Divide and conquer. And they're probably laughing because they only had to incite it. We did their bidding for them.

Look around. We have a terribly divided country. Don't you think we need to use our freedom of speech to unite rather than nurture hatred?

Ashira Young is a licensed social worker and practitioner of energy psychology. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University and is a Ph.D. candidate in integrated medical studies from the University of Natural Medicine. She is the author of two newly published books, "An Angel for Olivia" and "5-Second Genius: Access Your Inner Wisdom in a Flash." She lives near Milltown with her husband, former State Sen. Richard Young.

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