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EMS remains topic for commissioners

July 31, 2013
The Crawford County Board of Commissioners again dealt with emergency medical services personnel matters and heard from Cliff Kerce, of the Carpenters Industrial Council, who unofficially represents the county EMT's in their effort to form a union. Again, the board did not decide upon the matter by voting to adopt the needed ordinance.

"I do not feel comfortable voting on this at this time," Dan Crecelius, council president, said.

While they did not decide to vote upon the EMT's ability to unionize, they did address some EMS questions.

Jim Jones again presented his request to the board to be reinstated to his position as part of Crawford County's EMS personnel.

The request died for lack of a motion.

"We really can't discuss this issue publicly ... ," Randy Gilmore said. "There's no action we can reverse. We've tried to explain that in the past."

In other EMS business, Claude Leo Cox, a county EMT, appealed to the commissioners for intervention between himself and EMS director John Gott.

Cox took a vacation and allegedly left the Leavenworth ambulance shifts uncovered. Gott informed Cox that he would be written up for the matter.

The commissioners agreed that the request, because it concerns employee information, could not be discussed in a public session and needed to be removed for executive consideration.

"We can't do anything today," Gilmore said.

Cox was not satisfied with that answer.

"What I'm prepared to do at this point and time is tell you that I request to go to part-time status effective immediately," Cox said. "I will not work with this man."

Gott informed him he would not be able to work part-time if he resigned without a two-week notice.

Cox, who was visibly agitated at the meeting, then tendered his two-week resignation period and later rescinded it and agreed to work his full-time schedule after the commissioners informed him that, if he intended to leave the department, there would be no need to have a meeting about the situation.

The commissioners agreed to meet in executive session to discuss the matter on Aug. 5 at 8 a.m. with a regular meeting to follow at 9 a.m.

Representatives from Memorial Hospital and Honeywell appeared to present the commissioners with information about services.

Kelly Claus, of Memorial Hospital, presented the commissioners with the initial information that outlines an opportunity for the county to partner with Memorial Hospital to provide health care services to the county's employees through Crawford County Family Medicine in an agreement much like the one the Crawford County Community School Corp. entered into early this year.

"We want to help improve your employee health care and save the county some money," Claus said. "There are many different options, and the clinic is currently open to the public."

A Honeywell representative requested permission to obtain information from the county so the company can determine if money can be saved on utility expenses. The report is a free service, and the county will not be expected to release any funds for the results of the report.

The commissioners voted 3-0 to proceed with the informational stages from both organizations.

Jim Grizzel, chief probation officer, discussed the EAGLE collection agency to collect delinquent probation fees for the county. An agreement was presented for signatures. Schultz made a motion to approve signing, seconded by Crecelius; the motion passed 3-0.

"Marion County has used them for 16 years and has had no issue with them," Grizzel said.

Terry Allen gave the board some figures for the 4-H park agreement. The assessed value for the park was $1.5 million. The amount to lease would be $165,000 per year; however, to lease only the office space needed for EMA services would be $9,050 per year.

The 4-H committee will meet and report back to the board on Aug. 12 at a 9 a.m. special meeting.

Perry Leonard, superintendent of the county highway department, discussed a bridge project in District 1 and a partnership with Laura Cox, an engineer, for the project.

The request to work with Cox to fix the bridge was approved by a 3-0 vote.

Leonard also brought to the attention of the board Valeene Road, which was found to be in poor shape after flooding. He also presented the board with an estimate of $12,000 to blacktop the annex parking lot to create more parking space for the judicial complex.

Twenty applications were submitted for the commissioners' consideration for the position of Extension secretary. The board members will look over the applications in the coming weeks. The next meeting to discuss hiring will be on Aug. 13 to discuss the applicants.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Crawford County Board of Commissioners will take place Aug. 29. An executive session will begin at 8 a.m. followed by a regular meeting at 9.

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