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Milltown handles monthly business

July 31, 2013
The Milltown Town Council had its regular meeting July 8 at the newly renovated Town Hall building to take care of some general town housekeeping.

The Cemetery Committee reported that it has decided to remove some available plots from the market, and Bill Byrd will bring the details to the clerk-treasurer showing which plots the committee does not wish to be sold at the present time.

Police Chief Ray Saylor was on hand to deliver his report to the council members. He informed the council that, due to rising instances of drug use that has made more long-term investigations necessary, he would be increasing not only the time the reserve officers in his department are utilized, but also all office supplies needed to complete these investigations.

Therefore, Saylor requested the council consider increasing parts of his budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

He also reported to the council that the elderly housing community had a successful picnic and another picnic is being planned for the fall, possibly in October.

Saylor told the council that he was able to serve papers on a problematic property and he anticipates that there will be no response on this property.

A meeting was set for July 15 at the Town Hall to discuss how the town and the police department need to proceed in order to move forward on properties that need to be torn down or cleaned up.

Harrison County has agreed to bring a trailer into Milltown for recycling. Saylor will work to see what can be done to make the recycling area more attractive but said that it is cause for celebration because Milltown residents can begin recycling immediately.

Lastly, Saylor addressed the recent drownings on the Blue River. He said there is no way to completely prevent accidents from occurring but he has been working with Terry Allen and the Blue River Commission to help prevent future accidents from becoming fatalities.

He presented a map that showcases rescue areas along the river. A project is in the works to mark the rescue areas and have maps available for canoers to identify where they are. Markers along the river will help people know where they are if they need assistance, Saylor said. The council unanimously approved the project.

The treasurer's report shows the town budget standing at $53,740.03. Clerk-treasurer Susan Mills informed councilmembers of an upcoming budget workshop with the Department of Local Government Finance in Harrison County on Aug. 13.

Chris Brown, of Brown Funeral Home, shared his concern over a growing problem on Spring Street. During heavy rainfall, the street floods, he said.

The council agreed to find an engineer to look at the sinkhole in the area of Brown Funeral Home and make suggestions as to what could be done to resolve this issue.

Chris Grigsby also addressed the council to inform them of the Nomadic Arts and Music Festival that will take place at his campgrounds Aug. 2 through 4. Artists from Chicago will perform light shows, fire shows and music on three separate stages, and homemade vendor booths will be available to sell items.

The council's main concern was the noise and possible disruptions of community members not attending the show because music will be played during night hours.

The promoter explained that disruptions should be minimal because, after midnight, the stage that would carry music out into the community will not be in use.

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