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G'town council talks improvement projects

July 31, 2013
Boy Scouts of America Life Scout Shaw Ray was on hand to present the wrap-up and request completion approval for his Eagle Scout project conducted for the benefit of the residents of Georgetown and the surrounding community.

United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 section 8(k) states: The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Ray constructed a flag-retirement pit with plaque and steel cover as well as a stone walkway at the Georgetown Community Park near the softball diamond. The dedication of his project was completed a few weeks ago when he conducted a flag-retirement ceremony for the community and retired more than 50 disheveled flags in a ceremony that showed the reverence and gravity of a flag retirement.

Ed Riggle, of Richland Drive, voiced his concern over a problem with his water bill. Riggle, who has never had a problem with a bill before, returned from a week away to find a bill for more than $600 in water charges. After ascertaining that there was no leak and failing to find an explanation for the overage, he requested a wholesale rate credit from the council.

Jim Reynolds, public works director, said that they monitored the meter and also do not have an explanation, though they believed he used the water. Reynolds said if the council gave him a credit, it would be in the amount of $136.24.

Councilmember Kathy Haller made a motion to give a credit for $136.24 wholesale rate that was seconded by councilmember Jim Tripure and approved by all members accept for Patti Denison, who did not vote in favor of the measure due to the unknown reason behind the overage.

Clerk-treasurer Doug Cook gave his report. The Town of Georgetown has received its tax dollars for the year, and Jackie Rosenberger was granted a sewer credit in the amount of $46.25.

Georgetown Police Chief Dennis Kunkel gave updates on his department building, which is currently in the process of undergoing improvements. The building will receive a facelift and will be made more inviting and readily accessible for the community. He also let the council know that the Georgetown Police Department will be working with the Optimist Club for National Night Out.

Reynolds announced that on Aug. 7 the town will host a Town Roundtable with all town council members in attendance.

Reynolds received a request for a speed table for Copperfield Drive and said the area will require three installations at $2,000 each. The speed table would come as an additional measure because there are already caution signs in the area.

Kunkel said speeding in the area is more of a problem during the school year due to the high amount of traffic that "cuts through" the area. He said there have been no crashes at this time.

Mike Mills, council president, recommended against the installations for fear each subdivision will request one.

The matter was tabled until the August meeting.

Town engineer Bob Woosley updated the council about his current projects that include the Brookstone Lift Station 2, Georgetown-Lanesville water line repair and an oil separation unit on Lisa Lane.

Woosley requested a manhole be installed at Rainelle Woods. Quotes were received from several companies, including Merrell Bierman at $6,850, which was the lowest presented quote. Woosley requested the project be awarded to Merrell Bierman.

Kathy Haller made a motion to accept Merrel Bierman's bid for $6,850. Jim Tripure seconded the motion, and it was approved by all.

Woosley also gave an update about the Floyd County Garage oil separator. He said the town has been experiencing problems with that lift station. The only user tied to the station is Floyd County.

Reynolds went over the inter-local agreement with Floyd County concerning the softball park for the fall. Per the agreement, the town will pay the county $2,500. Tripure made a motion to accept the agreement, Brock seconded, and the motion was approved by all except Mike Mills; Denison abstained.

The resolution R13-04, Establishing Dewey Tomes Drive, was approved by all.

In other public works business, Chad Smith has completed the Utility Management Certification. Reynolds has requested that Smith be allowed to attend a backflow tester certification course. The course will be one week in length and will cost $595. The request was approved by all.

The next regular meeting of the Georgetown Town Council will take place Monday, Aug. 19, at the Georgetown Optimist Club facility.

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