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Milltown tackles festival, cleanup

April 29, 2015
The Milltown Town Council, meeting April 13, tackled some pressing items facing the town's festival season, as well as cleanup issues.

Town manager Justin Barnes led the meeting for the majority of the night as he gave an update on the town's cleanup efforts.

"It's going well," he said. "In fact, it's going so well that we need another dumpster."

Barnes explained that the community has been more than responsive to the new setup for the town's annual cleanup week. The council agreed to do what is necessary for the project as long as the resources to do so are available.

Barnes also requested that additional monies, once set aside for the purchase of a new tractor last fall, be used instead to purchase equipment for the street crews.

"We're running our mowers to death by running them up and down the streets to the jobs," he said. "We really need to do this right and get a trailer; they're not made to go down hills and around town."

While the council members agreed that this was an issue and they support the purchase of a new trailer, Barnes would have to prioritize because he also asked to utilize portions of the money for a side-mower, power sweeper brush and tractor forks. The council agreed to approve the purchase of all but the trailer.

Next up was the main stage to be rebuilt for utilization during summer performances and the annual town festival.

"We are going to have to have an architect draw up the plans," he said. "It's all about Homeland Security, and they need an engineer to sign off on them and submit the paperwork."

While there was some discussion, the project could not proceed without the help of an engineer, and the council agreed to hire one for the project.

"Without this, we can't get anything approved through the state," Barnes said. "We have to get moving on it to get it done by our deadline."

Curt Hudson, council president, made the first reading of Ordinance 2015-1 6.19.10. The ordinance, in regard to noise violations, will have its second reading at the May meeting.

Local real estate agent Turner Corn addressed the council and requested a waiver on past sewer bills for his newly acquired property on Station Street.

Corn was granted his waiver with the condition that he keep his agreement with the town and clean up the property within the year.

"I don't believe that will be a problem," Corn said. "I want to get this property on track and taken care of."

Spring Street residents also attended the meeting and voiced concerns for drainage and flooding problems they are experiencing during heavy rainfall.

Barnes informed them that the town is conducting ongoing research and invited them to forward any of their experiences and photos they may have to him in order to obtain an accurate picture of the issues facing the town's residents.

"We're working to get this issue resolved, and the more information we have to work with the better," he said.

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