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CCJSHS recovering from water damage

March 02, 2016
For its regular monthly meeting, per the public agenda, the Crawford County School Corp. Board of Trustees met in executive session to discuss school consolidation, the purchase or lease of real property and the training of its members with an outside consultant about the performance of the role of its members as public officials, none of which was discussed in the 10-minute public meeting that followed Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Led by president Traci Kerns, the meeting was held in the glass classroom inside the Crawford County Junior-Senior High School media center, which happened to be ground zero of the school's water damage issue. Superintendent Garry DeRossett took time to update the public on the school's status of that issue during the old business and superintendent's communication and reports sections of the agenda.

"Today was the first day that everyone was back in their rooms," DeRossett said. "We still are closing out on content, for instance, tables. There was a couple tables destroyed in here … that will be in to the insurance companies and, then, we'll be dealing with that payout."

DeRossett said the only other thing that could be questionable would be something like an electronic that would've been out of the way but still could've acquired rust in the process and caused problems.

"That's still open; if that goes bad, then we can still claim that on insurance," he said.

While DeRossett was pleased with how smoothly the process went, he informed the board that it was through the course of the cleanup that another problem was brought to his attention.

"As you look around, I think they've done a really good job. We were lucky to find really good people that came in, extracted the water, took the walls apart — a third of this wall was removed because water gets behind there, too. They removed the drywall, the insulation, checking for any kind of mold whatsoever. They disinfected it, removed the material. It was off property actually that night," he said.

"I felt really good about how the process worked, but in that process it showed us that we have a problem with our controllers in our heating and cooling system," he continued. "As I mentioned to the board earlier, that's why some of our rooms will go really hot, then they'll go really cold. So, we have a corrupted database, and we're going to get the process going to fix and take care of that."

In other business, DeRossett requested the board increase the corporation's substitute pay by $15 in each area from non-certified teachers, certified staff and retirees.

"We've had some people around us that mentioned last time that it had increased. We hope that helps us secure good subs again in the future," he said.

Trustee Kelly Hammond made the motion to increase the substitute pay by $15 a day for each category. Trustee Lance Stroud seconded that motion, and it was approved, 7-0.

As per the consent agenda, the board voted to approve the resignation of Jonathon Bowles, Title I instructional assistant at English Elementary School, effective Feb. 12, and Jared Ketterman, co-technology director, effective Feb. 16.

The board also voted to approve the recommendation from DeRossett for a Corporate Authorization Resolution with First Savings Bank.

DeRossett also recommended maternity leaves for Shannon Elkins beginning April 20 and Angela Schnieders beginning April 26 to be roughly 60 days.

Recommendations from athletic director Jerry Hanger to be approved included Nerissa Lindauer, girls' junior high tennis; Eric Belcher, girls' junior high track; Amanda Carmichael, softball spring assistant; and James Braggs, interim head football coach.

Recommendations from transportation director Jamie Smith of a bus addendum for Billy Joe Walker of 5.2 miles, effective Jan. 19, and an addition of 7.5 miles for Sherry Bell due to high water on Feb. 3 were also asked to be approved.

All actions were approved 7-0 as part of the consent agenda.

The next regular meeting will be March 15 at 7:30 p.m. at Crawford County Junior-Senior High School.

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