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Several new state laws now in effect

July 17, 2019
The Indiana General Assembly passed more than 290 bills during the 2019's legislative session, with several resulting in new laws. The default date for laws to take effect, unless stated otherwise in the bill, was July 1.

Here are some of the new laws that took effect July 1:

Senate Enrolled Act 1 - Foster Parents' Legal Rights — SB1 expands the legal rights of foster parents by allowing them to be heard in court cases involving children in their care.

Senate Enrolled Act 2 - School Bus Safety — This act creates new safety provisions for school buses and their drivers and develops new penalties for those who do not stop for a school bus.

Senate Enrolled Act 85 - Expansion of Emergency Responders' Retirement Benefits —

SB85 increases retirement benefits for police, firefighters and emergency personnel who retire after July 1.

Senate Enrolled Act 110 - Increased Penalties for Dealing Drugs Near Rehab Facilities — This act enhances the penalty for dealing drugs near a substance-abuse rehabilitation program.

Senate Enrolled Act 111 - Substance Abuse Prevention Grant Programs — This bill serves to provide and promote grant programs to help those with substance abuse problems.

Senate Enrolled Act 192 - Nonconsensual Pornography — SB192 creates protections for victims of nonconsensual pornography by offering a civil course of action against one who publishes or discloses an intimate image without the consent of the subject of said image.

Senate Enrolled Act 201 - Health Provider Ethical Exemption — This bill adds nurses, physicians' assistants and pharmacists to the list of individuals who are prohibited from being required to perform an abortion. The law also allows these individuals to refuse to assist or participate in procedures that intend to result in an abortion if the health care provider objects on ethical, moral or religious grounds to the procedure(s). Also, under SB201, certain medical providers are now allowed to refuse to prescribe, administer or dispense an abortion-inducing drug.

Senate Enrolled Act 416 - Medicaid Coverage for Doula Services — SB416 allows doula ('birth companion' or 'coach') services to be reimbursed by Medicaid.

Senate Enrolled Act 216 - In-State Tuition for Veterans' Families — This law allows direct family members of returning veterans to be eligible for in-state tuition at Indiana's public universities even if they have never lived in Indiana before.

Senate Enrolled Act 474 - Probation and Parole for Animal Abusers — This act legally defines "animal abuse offense" and "companion animal" and also puts in place a mandatory condition of probation and parole that an individual convicted of an animal abuse offense may not own, harbor or train a companion animal.

Senate Enrolled Act 498 - Mobile Integration Healthcare — By creating an Emergency Medical Services paramedicine program, SB498 allows paramedics to be reimbursed by Medicaid for primary care given to patients.

Senate Enrolled Act 632 - Radon in Schools — This bill requires the Indiana Department of Health to distribute a manual of best practices for managing indoor air quality at schools, including radon testing recommendations. These manuals will be distributed to the legislative council, the Indiana Dept. of Education and the facilities manager and superintendent of each school corporation, as well as the chief administrative officer of each accredited nonpublic school.

House Enrolled Act 1015 - Various Gaming Matters — HB1015 permits sports wagering, among other gaming privileges.

House Enrolled Act 1284 - Self Defense, Defense of Others and Firearms Matters — This bill allows a person who legally possesses a firearm to possess a firearm on school property if that individual is an employee or volunteer of a house of worship located on the school property. It also permits someone legally possessing a firearm to do so while attending a worship service or religious ceremony conducted at a house of worship. HB1284 also provides immunity for the justified use of force in certain cases. The law requires a court to award reasonable attorney's fees and costs to a defendant when the justified use of force immunity is successfully raised. Furthermore, HB1284 allows a person to receive a voter registration form at a police station while they are there to apply for a gun permit.

House Enrolled Act 1354 - Sickle Cell Disease Grant Program — HB1354 requires the Indiana Department of Health to assist in the development and expansion of care for the treatment of individuals with sickle cell disease. The law also requires the department to develop program eligibility standards and provide financial assistances to individuals with sickle cell disease for specified treatments.

House Enrolled Act 1649 - Clarification of Laws Regarding Electric Scooters — This act clarifies how electric scooters should be treated under motor vehicle laws. Local governments still have the authority to regulate scooters at the local level.

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