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Republican conventions set at Leavenworth, Milltown

August 14, 2019
The Crawford County Republican Party has set the dates for town conventions in Leavenworth and Milltown to select candidates for this fall's town council races, while the Harrison County GOP, as of press time Monday, had not set a date for a town convention to select a clerk-treasurer candidate at Palmyra.

A nominating convention is needed in Leavenworth and Milltown as both towns have four Republican candidates, one more than the number of open seats, for their respective council races. According to state law, there cannot be more candidates from a party than the number of available seats.

At Leavenworth, Republican candidates include incumbents Herschel Glenn Smith II, Reginald Whitney Timberlake and Joshua G. Williams, along with Matthew Wyatt Hollcroft. In addition to being an incumbent council member, Timberlake is chair of the Crawford County Republican Party.

The three selected candidates will join Democrat Lucy Veltman on the ballot.

The town's clerk-treasurer's race this fall will feature incumbent Cynthia Christine Kemp, an incumbent, and Republican Samantha Ann Lahue.

The town convention for Leavenworth will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. at the Leavenworth Community Building.

Republican town council candidates at Milltown include incumbents Jerry Monroe Garrett and Anna Jean Melton, as well as Justin Curtis Barnes and Joseph Dale Van Sickle.

The three selected candidates will join Democrat Jerry Lee Mackey, who currently is a member of the board, on the ballot.

The clerk-treasurer's race will feature Democrat Donna Carol Cox, the incumbent, and Republican Alicia Lutz.

The town convention for Milltown will be Monday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. at the Milltown Town Hall.

A Palmyra town convention is needed as there are two Republican candidates — incumbent Debra L. Jones and Deborah A. Hess — for clerk-treasurer.

It appeared that a town convention was also needed to narrow the Republican field for town council as four candidates had signed up to run as a Republican. However, the Harrison County Election Board on Thursday ruled that Gerrard Blayton was ineligible. A Palmyra resident had filed a challenge against Blayton on Aug. 5 on the grounds that his address of residence and the address on his voter registration were not the same. (See story, front page.)

The ballot for this fall's Palmyra Town Council race will include incumbents Christall F. Ingle, a Democrat, and Independent Virginia (Jenny) Kirkham, along with Republicans Wyman Lee Childers, Heather Hug and Debra Sue Ray.

The deadline for the town convention is Aug. 21.

To participate in a town convention, a person must be a registered voter in the town for at least 29 days before the date of the convention.

They must also be able to sign a sworn statement, under penalties of perjury, stating that they are a member of the Republican Party and no other and either voted in the Republican primary in 2018 and supported the Republican candidates nominated for the 2018 general election, or have a signed and completed copy of Republican Party Form IRSC/VO-1 attesting that they intend to support the Republican Party and its candidates. This form must be countersigned by the Republican county chairman. Copies of this form will be available at the town convention.

Participants will also need to show valid photo identification, in accordance with Indiana's Voter ID Law.

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