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School chief says value of SROs 'great'

August 28, 2019
Crawford County Community School Corp. Superintendent Mike Key earlier this month updated the Crawford County Council on the school resource officers program, which the council is helping fund through gaming revenue it shares with the CCCSC.

"We have decreased disciplinary issues by 37 percent in both the middle school and the high school," Key told the council at its Aug. 13 meeting at the judicial complex in English.

He added the pair of school resource officers — Jim Uland at Crawford County High School and Ray Saylor at Crawford County Middle School — have also developed relationships with students, allowing them to prevent potential problems.

"So, the value of that is great," he said.

Key added that the state, which is paying a share of the cost associated with the program, has increased the amount schools can apply for to $100,000, which, if the CCCSC is approved, would allow it to add a third SRO to be stationed at the three elementary schools as well as pay for equipment associated with the proposed high school renovation and expansion project.

He said the CCCSC, if approved by the council, would like to utilize a portion of the money it receives from the county to remove some of the doors along the front of CCHS during the renovation in order to increase safety.

Following a motion by Jerry Brewer, the council voted 7-0 to approve the request.

In another matter, the council, following up on a request from July, approved funding for part-time workers to help with the transfer and safeguard of historical documents from the old courthouse in English.

The council, at its Aug. 13 meeting at the judicial complex in English, voted 7-0 to transfer $3,000 from the PERF line item in the Circuit Court Clerk's budget to pay for temporary part-time employees, at a rate of $9.50 per hour, to move the documents from the old courthouse to the former Crawford County Youth Service Bureau building in Marengo that the county owns.

As she noted in July, Circuit Court Clerk Lisa Holzbog said she has about $76,000 in the Clerk's Perpetuation Fund that she is willing to use to help preserve documents, but reiterated that those monies cannot be used for labor. That money, however, can be used for equipment or to have an outside company scan the documents, she said.

In other business, the council:

Learned from Emergency Management Agency Director Aaron Bye that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has agreed to pay for a warning siren the county installed at West Crawford Elementary School. The siren was to have been installed on the roof but, instead, was placed on a pole, causing FEMA to reconsider the $30,000 grant it awarded the project. The project was completed prior to Bye becoming the county's EMA director earlier this year.

Approved, 7-0, transferring $450.76 from the PERF line item in the EMA budget to pay for work done to two portable generators.

Voted 7-0 to approve the first payment of $9,000 to Indiana University to write a county mitigation plan. The total cost of the plan is approximately $19,000. Once the plan is completed, the county will be reimbursed by the state all but a $6,500 local match. However, the county will not actually pay the full $6,500, if any, as in-kind services it provides count toward the local match.

Approved, 7-0, requested transfers.

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