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Resident worries new bridge won't resolve flooding issues

November 06, 2019
In a meeting that lasted less than 20 minutes Thursday night, the Crawford County Board of Commissioners again were asked about the Bridge No. 23 replacement project on Whiskey Run Ranch Road southwest of Marengo.

Sue T. Chapman, who lives next to the bridge, asked the commissioners, who were meeting at the Crawford County Judicial Complex in English, about the status of the project.

"We signed the contract, and they should be starting on it anytime now," District 1 Commissioner Daniel Crecelius, who represents the area, said.

Questioning the design of the project, Chapman noted that, based on a drawing she has seen, it appears the new bridge does nothing to alleviate the problem she has of water from the creek during heavy rainfalls coming into her driveway.

"It looked like my driveway didn't change, and my driveway is right at the end of the bridge," she said. "In a torrential rain, that's where the water goes."

While the new bridge, at 40 feet, is eight feet longer than the current one, the extension is on the opposite end, away from Chapman's property.

"I know you fellas can't do anything in particular about this, but is there anyone I could talk to and have it explained to me that the bridge is going to cross the creek?" she said.

Crecelius told Chapman she could contact Ernie Keck, the superintendent of the county highway department, to look at the project blueprints.

"Who would it be after Ernie?" Chapman asked.

Crecelius answered that the bridge engineer is CivilCon of Jeffersonville.

The bridge is to be installed by C&R Construction of Corydon.

The commissioners originally awarded the installation contract to Breeding's Excavating & Concrete of Milltown, which, at $165,000, was the low bidder, but the company's bid was later determined to be invalid because of a lack of financial statements required by Indiana Code.

At a special meeting on Oct. 21, the commissioners voted 3-0 to rescind the motion to award the project to Breeding's Excavating & Concrete. They then voted 3-0 to award the contract to C&R Construction, which, at $169,386, was the next lowest bidder.

In another matter, Marcus Burgher IV, the county's attorney, requested that the commissioners again approve a highway easement deed regarding the Bridge No. 43 replacement project on Beechwood Road north of Alton.

The commissioners, at their Oct. 21 meeting, approved the document, but Burgher said he since learned from the Indiana Department of Transportation that different formatting was needed on the deed.

Following a motion from Crecelius that was seconded by District 2 Commissioner Larry Ingle, the commissioners voted 3-0 to approve the deed with the submitted changes.

The commissioners also voted 3-0 to approve paying an approximately $1,200 bill for the repair of an unmarked low-voltage electric line that was damaged during the installation of a county warning siren at West Crawford Elementary School.

Burgher, in notifying the commissioners that the bill had been submitted to the county, said the line had been repaired, but neither the project contractor nor Crawford County Community School Corp. believed they were responsible.

In other business, the commissioners:

Voted 3-0 to amend the ordinance that establishes the fees collected by the Crawford County Health Department. The only change is an increase in the fee for a TB skin test from $8 to $10 to reflect the current cost of the vaccination.

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