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School trustees approve teachers; contract

November 20, 2019
The Crawford County Community School Corp. Board of Trustees, in a special session last Wednesday night at the administration building south of Marengo, approved the 2019-20 and 2020-21 contacts between the corporation and the Crawford County Classroom Teachers Association.

Following a motion by trustee Myrna Sanders, the ratification was approved 6-1, with board president Dennis Talley against.

The contract had been on the agenda of a special meeting two nights earlier, but the board wasn't ready to take a vote, prompting the need for the second special meeting.

At last Monday's meeting, the trustees voted 7-0 to approve a resolution to approve the concept of constructing a Federal Emergency Management Agency safe room.

The 2,000-person-capacity project is contingent on the school corporation being awarded a 75-25 matching FEMA Mitigation e-Grant.

The resolution states that, "if awarded such a grant for such project, we will use our best efforts to complete the legal process to obtain the necessary funding by the issuance of bonds payable from property taxes of the School Corporation for up to $5,170,000 for our part of the project and necessary improvements to Crawford County High School, provided such funding does not increase the School Corporation debt service fund tax rate to an amount unacceptable to us and other projects are not determined by us to be of a greater urgency or need in order for the School Corporation to fulfill its obligations to its students and the community."

Prior to voting on a motion by Sanders to approve the resolution, which alludes to a separate renovation project that would bring the middle school and high school under the same roof, trustee Doug McLain questioned if the corporation can meet the matching portion of the FEMA grant.

"Are we going to have enough for our 25%?" he asked.

Superintendent Mike Key said he doesn't foresee that being a problem.

"We would have to come up with that two years down the road, and we do have unfunded liability obligation bonds that would be coming off prior to that," he said.

Key added the board's action just moves the application forward and doesn't cost the corporation anything at the present time.

Also at last Monday's meeting, the board:

Voted 7-0 to approve the following consent agenda items:

— The resignation of Jennifer Miller as a homebound instructor for severe/profound students.

— West Crawford Elementary School Principal Amanda Wright's recommendation of Faith Gramlin to serve as Battle of the Books coach at the school.

— Five Family Medical Leave Act requests.

— Assistant Superintendent Jamie Smith's recommendation to approve the request of bus driver Alice Walker to modify her current bus contract to include both her husband, Billy Joe Walker, and grandson, Ryan Griffith, as permitted by Indiana School Transportation Regulation Title 20-27-5-19. This includes both contracts.

Approved a request from former student Bree Tyler, now attending the University of Evansville, to serve a 150-hour public health internship with the school corporation from January through May. Tyler will be working with the school nurses.

Also at last Wednesday's meeting, the board voted 3-0 to approve the recommendation for support staff employees to each receive a $300 stipend prior to Christmas.

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