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Georgetown awards bid for spring paving

January 01, 2020
The Georgetown Town Council conducted a bid opening for spring 2020 roadway paving, to be covered in large part by Community Crossings grant funds, at its regular meeting Monday evening, Dec. 16.

Town engineer Bob Woosley unsealed each bid packet and announced final quotes submitted by five firms: E&B Paving of Clarksville ($195,549); Libs Paving of Floyds Knobs ($178,109); Mac Construction of New Albany ($174,722); C&R Construction of Corydon ($169,533); and Temple & Temple of Salem ($165,802). Woosley recommended awarding the contract to Temple & Temple, under assumption they meet all requirements and provide necessary documents as specified. All or parts of the following town streets will be resurfaced as part of the project: Autumn (from Kepley Road to Autumn Cove), Brookstone Court, Brookstone Way, Canal Lane, Church Alley (from Heavenly Way to Walts Road) and Oakdale.

Woosley said the engineer's estimate he prepared for the project came in at $200,558. Since the Community Crossings grant includes a local match component, the town will be responsible for 25% of funding. Based on the Temple & Temple quote, the town's share would be $41,450; however, that number could vary slightly as it would be charged for total tonnage installed, Woosley added.

In a matter related to the paving, Georgetown Elementary School Principal Rhonda Benz addressed the council and asked that the school be made aware prior to commencement of work so they can coordinate bus traffic.

Woosley said care would be taken to alert school staff. He added there was also a possibility paving impacting the school could be completed during spring break and that would be pursued as an option with the contractor.

Clerk-Treasurer Julia Keibler reported to the council several of the town's operating funds reflected negative balances. Those funds must be brought to positive status by year's end, she said. Keibler proposed the council zero out the waterworks proceeds and water operating funds, which carry balances of $236,000 and $50,000, respectively.

"We need to make some adjustments there," she added. "I'd like to add some more to our rainy day fund as well."

Town attorney Kristi Fox said the town traditionally moved money between funds by way of resolution; however, she stated she would confirm with the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

Keibler said the town's books wouldn't be completely closed out for 2019 until some days into January 2020 and the resolution and vote could wait until the regular January council meeting.

"There's certain rules about transferring from certain funds to certain funds," Keibler said. "We haven't added to the rainy day fund in a long time."

Woosley also briefed the town about operations at the new wastewater treatment plant, which opened in October. Woosley said he has been working with the contractor as a final "punch list" of items is completed at the plant and that the final pay application for the project is expected to be received in January.

"Everything's working great," he said of the plant.

Woosley said now that the plant has been operating successfully for some time, the town might want to consider accepting hauler waste. It could charge per gallon to process as a way to generate additional money from the plant. The plant has extra capacity, but there are many variables that would need to be considered about the types and composition of waste that could be accepted before a decision is made regarding processing waste from sources outside the town, Woosley said.

"It definitely would be a revenue stream," Woosley said. "We need to run it for awhile before we open the doors up."

In other business, the council:

Approved a resolution to purchase a heater for one of the town maintenance buildings at a cost of $5,213.

Voted to approve a four-year contract with Aqua Utility Services, beginning on April 1.

Approved a renewed agreement with Joel Kintner for services at the town ballpark. Kintner was in attendance to ink the pact.

Passed an interlocal agreement with Lanesville, whereby the Georgetown Police Department declared a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria surplus property so Lanesville could take possession of the vehicle. Georgetown will strip the car of all equipment and decals.

Enacted its 2020 salary ordinance. Employees, with exception of the town council, will receive 3% pay increases. Also agreed to salary adjustments for officers Travis Speece and Charles Morgan. Speece served as police chief from Sept. 12 to Oct. 13 and Morgan has served as chief since Oct. 13 while chief Denny Kunkel is on administrative leave.

Agreed to issue a letter in support of the effort to declare the NovaPark development, east of town, a certified technical park, with the Indiana Economic Development Commission. Earning that designation would make the park eligible for other funding and grants, Woosley said.

Appointed incoming councilman Ben Stocksdale as the town's delegate to the Floyd County Solid Waste Board.

Bid farewell to outgoing council members Everett Pullen and Shelly Trent, serving in their last meeting. "Everett, we will miss you," Councilman Chris Loop said. "Everett's done a lot for the town," Councilman Billy Haller said.

Set its 2020 reorganizational meeting for Jan. 6 at 6 p.m.

Signed 2019 nepotism agreements for contracts and employees.

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