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School corporation deemed to be in good fiscal position

January 08, 2020
Crawford County Community School Corp. Superintendent Mike Key relayed some good news at the board of trustees' meeting Dec. 23 at the administration building south of Marengo, saying the corporation has been deemed to be in a good fiscal position.

Key said the Distressed Unit Appeal Board had been looking at Crawford County for fiscal indicators to determine if the corporation was in a good, fluid position based on accounts from previous years.

"They came down, met with us. We went through our numbers, showed them everything we had done and that we are doing to make the school corporation fiscally sound," Key said. "I have a letter in front of me from the executive director that basically says we're doing the right thing, that we're doing a good job, to keep up the good work and there would be no additional look at our school corporation ... "

In another matter, the board listened to a presentation from Shawn Scott, county service manager at WTH Technology, about reinstating geographical information system (GIS) mapping services for the corporation.

"Earlier this year, the contract for service was canceled (by the school corporation)," he said. "So, I went back and I reviewed the contract, and I was kind of disappointed with the contract myself."

Scott said he approached the WTH Technology CEO about providing the school corporation better terms. Whereas the annual customer service agreement had cost the corporation $4,000 and provided just one license, the new contract would include five additional licenses — enough for a map in every corporation building — for $2,150, Scott said.

"I will be the one training, the one setting it up. So, we'll get it exactly the way we want it," he said.

Then, in June, when the previous contract would have been due for renewal, the corporation would receive a new customer service agreement for six licenses for approximately the same cost, Scott said.

"So, you're going to get six licenses for pretty well half of what you had before, plus you're going to get me," he said.

Scott, who talked about the advantages of GIS, such as being able to pinpoint bus route pick-up and drop-off locations, including how many students are at each, said he would be willing to return to the next meeting to provide a more in-depth visual presentation on the big-screen TV at the administration building.

Later in the meeting, Key said he decided to cancel the contract because the cost of the annual maintenance service exceeded its value. However, he said, if the terms are changed, it would be worth reviewing.

In other business, the school board:

Voted 6-0 (Trustee Myrna Sanders was absent) to approve an additional appropriation resolution for $250,000. This is money the corporation already has.

Approved, 6-0, Key's recommendation to increase the daily rate of corporation bus driver Jeremy Keith from $87 to $100. Keith recently has been given an additional shuttle route.

Voted 6-0 to approve a pair of resolutions — one for 2019 and the other for 2020 — to transfer monies from the Education Fund to the Operations Fund. The resolution for 2019 is for $168,000, while the one for 2020 is for $114,000 per month.

Voted 6-0 to approve the following consent agenda items:

—The resignations of Jessica Dixon as special education aide at Crawford County Middle School, Ashley Beyer as special education aide at West Crawford Elementary School, Tanya Roser as junior varsity volleyball coach at Crawford County High School, Brooke Mohr as dance team coach at WCES and Julie Whitaker as Title I aide at WCES.

—CCHS Principal Brandon Johnson's recommendations of Aaron Wagner as full-time custodian and Jamie Kolkmeier as boys' C-team basketball coach.

—CCMS Principal Brandy Stroud's recommendation of Bailee Lang as E.D. special education aide.

—The following recommendations at South Crawford Elementary School from Principal Amy Etienne: the retirement of head custodian Marty Eastridge, effective in February; Tara Elliott as kindergarten aide; and Kristal Sillings as moderate group special education aide.

—WCES Principal Amanda Wright's recommendation of Brenda Ball as part-time custodian.

—East Crawford Elementary School Principal Tarra Carrothers' recommendation of Jayne Riddle as Title I aide.

—The following recommendations by Assistant Superintendent Jamie Smith: a pair of bus addendums for Tim Fields — route No. 32, two miles (highway stop), and route No. 25, 6.5 miles (added route); and the transfer of Kandy Wilson's bus route and shuttle route to Michael Carlisle, effective Dec. 24.

—Three Family Medical Leave Act requests as recommended by Tina Key, the corporation's treasurer.

Key also announced that a public hearing will take place at the Monday, Jan. 13, meeting regarding the application of a United States Department of Agriculture grant that would pay 55% of the cost of new computers for certified staff. The school corporation will be responsible for the remaining 45%.

The Jan. 13 meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the administration building. A closed executive session will begin at 6.

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