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Lady Highlanders state-bound NH's Bosler, Fleace qualify

October 30, 2013
The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders did what they needed to on a cold and windy Saturday morning to take one of the six state final qualifying spots at the Brown County cross country semi-state. Floyd Central finished fourth out of the 20 teams, qualifying for this weekend's run at the Lavern Gibson Cross Country complex in Terre Haute. North Harrison's Ashton Bosler and Daniel Fleace also qualified as did the Jasper girls team and Orleans' Angela Kendall.

Floyd Central sophomore Lydia Kotowski, left, crosses the finish line to place eighth in the Brown County cross country semi-state Saturday to lead her team to a fourth-place finish and a spot in Saturday's state finals in Terre Haute. Photos by Wade Bell
North Harrison's Ashton Bosler paces through a narrow section of the Brown County cross country course next to Evansville North's Allie Rollins en route to an ninth-place finish and a spot in Saturday's state finals.
North Harrison's Daniel Fleace earned one of the individual spots to the state cross country finals with a 19th-place finish in a time of 16:10.8.
The boys ran first, and Perry Central's Aaron Pierrard got out in front for the first 300 meters. That changed by the end of the first kilometer as a cluster of Terre Haute runners moved to the front while Pierrard fell back. The Perry Central junior said he didn't feel completely healthy for the run.

"After I got about a 1,000 meters into the race, the cold air really hit me, and then I've been having that stomach stuff all week long," he said. "That hit me pretty hard after about a thousand, and I just couldn't hold on at all. I just kept dropping back. It definitely wasn't very good at all for me."

"I wanted to get out strong, but I don't know if I wanted to get out that strong necessarily," he said. "I wanted to be in the top 25 at the thousand. I was, but I couldn't hold on to staying with that top 25."

Pierrard fell back to finish 119th. Teammate Bryce Lain had a better run, finishing 48th, but still not enough to qualify for the state finals.

North Harrison's Daniel Fleace held back at the start but kept in contact with the lead pack, which seemed to change every kilometer. Fleace kept himself in the top 20 and held on to finish 19th, which was good enough for one of the individual state finals positions, in a time of 16 minutes, 10.8 seconds. The Cougars as a team finished eighth.

"It was very cold and muddy on some turns," Fleace said. "That was the hardest part, getting around the turns smooth. It's hard to regain your footing and you're slipping and trying to get back under control. It's kind of difficult."

"I was racing to make it out, to make it to state," he said. "I was just trying to hang on to that lead pack as long as I could and just keep fighting. Just like the regional from (the previous) Saturday, I wanted to go for it from the beginning. I went with the leaders and did what I could."

Crawford County's Cody Carlton had a disappointing day, finishing 65th in 17:09.9.

"I felt horrible," Carlton said. "I had a pretty good start, but I think I took off too fast. It hurt me the full race. I was slipping all over the place and I started feeling nauseous. I just couldn't push it anymore."

Floyd Central finished right behind the Cougars in ninth with Luke Uhl finishing 33rd to lead the Highlanders. Borden finished 11th as a team, but sectional and regional champion Julien Magallanes finished 12th (15:57.7) for a state finals position. Tell City finished 17th and Jasper was 18th. Corydon Central's Jake Pitts was 124th (17:53.8).

"Up front, we were great," North Harrison coach Tim Martin said. "Our three, four, five were a little farther back than I was hoping. Michael (White) PR'ed by 25 seconds today (16:29.3). So, he had a big day. Daniel ran solid and was 19th. Those two ran great. It's just the gap between two and three was just huge."

"The kids all came in pretty quick," he said. "Our third man (Jacob Faith) actually PR'ed by a good 10 seconds. I was hoping he'd be our fifth guy, but he was our third guy. It's tough, especially for the young kids that haven't been here before in a race of this caliber. You've got 50 guys in front and 50 guys behind you and it's hard to gauge anything for a young kid. You have to be here a year or two to figure it out."

The Floyd Central girls' team all got off to a great start to with sophomore Lydia Kotowski up with the lead pack on the inside rail, with North Harrison's Ashton Bosler a few steps behind. Kotowski continued to look strong through both circuits of the Brown County course while Bosler stayed a few steps back. Kotowski went on to finish eighth in a time of 18:51.3 with Bosler ninth at 18:57.2. Orleans senior Angela Kendall took the final individual state finals spot, finishing 24th in 19:41.8.

"I had it in my head that I had to be at least close to my position by the first K. So, that just helped me," Kotowski said. "Around the corners you had to pay attention to where you stepped. I just wanted to run fast and find someone at the pace I needed to go do what I needed to do for my team."

Kotowski said it gave her added confidence knowing Bosler was behind her instead of having to follow in her shadow.

"I think knowing people I had been racing against and right with helped me to go fast," she said. "They've been beating me and I've been beating them, so who's going to come out on top today?"

"I just didn't hold on to the pack," Bosler said. "I got a pretty good start, but I didn't hold on like I was supposed to. I wasn't boxed in very much, maybe a tiny bit after a quarter-mile or something. I wish I would have been closer to (Kotowski) and held on."

Bosler said she was hoping for a top-five finish.

"It's a little disappointing," she said. "That's not where I wanted to be today … I'll focus on state now. I've got to get faster. I wanted to get a good start because there's a ton of people at state, of course, and hold on then, sprint it out."

As a team, Floyd Central put three runners in the top 20. Besides Kotowski, Kassidy Manning was 13th (19:22) and Madison Barney was 19th (19:36). Morgan Paul was 43rd (20:27.1) and Jamie Bierman was 55th (20:52.5) to round out the Lady Highlanders' front five.

"Our front three, it was our dream race for those up front," Floyd Central coach Carl Hook said. "We kind of knew as Lydia went she would be there. Kassidy pulled off a huge race today. Madison, again, was rock solid like always. Our four was where she should be; Morgan Paul had a good race at the four spot. That really was pretty good."

"Luckily, we had a couple of seniors in the six and seven spots come in," he said. "One of them (Jamie Bierman, 55th at 20:52.5) pulled in the five spot for us. They took care of business like they should."

Hook said his team finished exactly how it should have based on the seedings.

"If everybody ran exactly like they should, we were fourth," he said. "We should have been fourth last year, and we were seventh. It's semi-state and people show up with big races, so that gets thrown out a little bit. We knew if everything went really perfect, we had a shot at third maybe. … But we did what we had to do. We can't come out and play defense. We come out and do the best we can and give it your all and take what comes back to you."


Girls' Team Scores (Top 6 to State) - Columbus North 38, Bloomington South 98, Terre Haute North 115, Floyd Central 138, Bloomington North 178, Jasper 203, Evansville Reitz Memorial 207, Terre Haute South 211, Evansville North 216, Silver Creek 247, North Harrison 330, Northeast Dubois 350, Brown County 384, Gibson Southern 389, Salem 393, Forest Park 399, Columbus East 405, Vincennes Lincoln 437, Evansville Mater Dei 502, Seymour 554

Girls' Individual Results - 1. Mackenzie Caldwell (CN) 17:45.3, 2. Sierra Lax (CN) 18:13.8, 3. Kate Raphael (BN) 18:18.2, 4. Alexandra Warzyniak (BS) 18:20.6, 5. Shannon Effron (ERM) 18:36.2, 6. Lindsay Welker (THN) 18:42.2, 7. Rachel Brougher (CN) 18:46.4, 8. Lydia Kotowski (FC) 18:51.3, 9. Ashton Bosler (NH) 18:57.2, 10. Allie Rollins (EN) 19:03.8, 11. Allison Coffey (CN) 19:06.2, 12. Whitley Schirmer (SwitCo) 19:19.4, 13. Michaela Ward (EN) 19:19.6, 14. Kassidy Manning (FC) 19:22.0, 15. Mackenzie Crouch (SilCk) 19:22.8

Qualifying Individuals Not On Qualifying Teams - 5. Shannon Effron (ERM), 9. Ashton Bosler (NH), 10. Allie Rollins (EN), 12. Whitley Schirmer (SwitCo), 13. Michaela Ward (AEN) 15. Mackenzie Crouch (SilCk), 16. Alli Workman (Blmfld), 21. Hannah Sears (Egwd), 23. Cia Greene (Hnryvl), 24. Angela Kendall (O)

Boys' Team Scores - Columbus North 36, Bloomington South 63, Terre Haute South 79, Bloomington North 128, South Knox 234, Evansville North 253, Seymour 264, North Harrison 277, Floyd Central 281, Evansville Reitz Memorial 311, Borden 317, Martinsville 349, Northview 356, Evansville F.J. Reitz 376, Terre Haute North 395, Brownstown 396, Tell City 403, Jasper 409, Columbus East 418, Gibson Southern 463

Boys' Individual Results - 1. Jackson Bertoli (THS) 15:29.1, 2. Jarit Perkins (BR) 15:37.6, 3. Kaden Eaton (CN) 15:37.7, 4. Riley Stohler (THS) 15:38.6, 5. Seth Williams (CN) 15:39.8, 6. Brogan Armand (EH) 15:40.7, 7. Anthony Williams (BS) 15:46.2, 8. Andy Carr (CN) 15:49.4, 9. Spencer Danielson (THS) 15:50.6, 10. Quentin Pierce (Cstl) 15:51.1, 11. Adam Guth (ER) 15:51.4, 12. Evan Franklin (BS) 15:52.2, 13. Kyle Burks (BS) 15:54.3, 14. Chase Ballard (CN) 15:56.0, 15. Julien Mangallanes (Bor)

Qualifying Individuals Not On Qualifying Teams - 2. Jarit Perkins (BR), 6. Armand Brogan (EH), 10. Quentin Pierce (Cstl) 11. Adam Guth (ER), 15. Julien Magallanes (Bor), 16. Jesse Stanley (Bnvl), 19. Daniel Fleace (NH), 21. Ryan Franklin (Brntn), 25. Jack Tormoehlen (Symr), 26. Nathaniel Schadler (ERM)

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