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Floyd Central's Sydney Liddle, right, takes control of the girls' race at the Crawford County Cross Country Sectional and never lets go as Corydon Central's Marcie Stewart tries to give chase. Photos By Wade Bell

Floyd Central runners sweep X-C sectional

October 10, 2018
The Floyd Central boys' and girls' cross country teams made it a clean sweep Saturday with team wins at the Crawford County Sectional, where the course had been dampened by heavy rain the day before. The Lady Highlanders cleaned house despite a somewhat muddy course, winning with a low score of 20 points, putting their first six runners in the top eight, while the Floyd Central boys put five of their runners in the top 10.

The Floyd Central boys' and girls' cross country teams swept the field to win both sectional championships at Crawford County Saturday. The "Superchicks" finished with just 20 points, putting six runners in the top eight, while the Highlanders finished with just 38 points with five runners in the top 10.

"They're running well right now and we're deep, and we're thankful for that," Floyd Central girls' coach Carl Hook said. "We're really blessed, so we're happy to be here. We've ran some tough conditions all year, and that's cross country. We love coming down here. It's a great course and a great cross country course, so a little mud is OK."

Floyd Central boys' coach Tim Korte was glad to see his team come back for a win after his squad finished a disappointing fifth in last year's sectional.

"We're happy with the win," he said. "We definitely didn't run great races. Some people stepped up and some people were off a little bit with a nagging little injury here and there, but we're so deep it doesn't really matter. Somebody else is just there to fill the gap. Our depth is going to be our big thing compared to other teams this year."

The girls ran first, and Floyd Central's Sydney Liddle quickly went to the front, with Corydon Central's Marcie Stewart three steps behind through the first turn. By the halfway point, Liddle was well ahead of the field. Christian Academy of Indiana's McKenna Cavanaugh moved up to second, followed by a host of Floyd Central runners, while Stewart dropped to sixth. Crawford County's Gabi Gaines was also working the top 15 slots.

At the finish, it was Liddle by a big margin, winning in a time of 19 minutes, 34.3 seconds, with Cavanaugh second in 20:10.6. Floyd Central took the next three spots, with Jaydon Cirincione third (20:10.9), Lillian Pearce fourth (20:17.4) and Carley Conway fifth (20:24.7). Natalie Clare was seventh (20:44.7), Sydney Baxter eighth (20:48.7) and Emma Hupp 13th (22:41.5).

"I was trying to go out fast, and I was also trying to hit my times," Liddle said. "I was trying to do 5:40s on the mile. So, I was a little bit slow. I did get out pretty fast, which was good. The mud wasn't too bad, but it was really hot. It was a lot like regionals last year when it was really hot."

Liddle said she expected Cavanaugh to be much closer than the 36-second margin at the end.

"If she was with me, I was going to try to work with her, but my plan was just trying to hit my times," Liddle said. "I was trying to get out in the lead early so I wouldn't have to try to pass them later. I was expecting McKenna to be right with me the whole time, but it was really hot, so I know it's hard in hot conditions."

Christian Academy of Indiana's Caleb Futter crossed the finish line in a time of 16 minutes, 45.3 seconds Saturday to win the boys' division of the cross country sectional.
Hook said he was somewhat surprised by Liddle's margin of victory over Cavanaugh, but said his junior runner has been strong all season.

"McKenna is a great runner. We know that and a great competitor more than that. We felt like they would be neck and neck through a lot of it," he said. "Sydney probably did, too. But she got out early and felt good enough to get going. We talked the first mile being important because the course was a little rough and the hills on the back part. We come down here and attack the course more than we think about runners."

Corydon Central's Stewart finished in the sixth spot with a time of 20:36.7 for the 3.1-mile course. Stewart said the plan was to keep Liddle in sight but that didn't work out.

"I went out really fast and I didn't think I could hold it," Stewart said. "I wanted to go out with Sydney, but it didn't work out. But I just tried to keep with that pack. It was OK … She was really good. She's going to go places."

The Corydon Central girls' team finished third in the standings with 91 points and advanced to Saturday's Crawford County Regional. Emily Armstrong was ninth (21:38.4), Lexi Orme 15th (23:22.1), Jillian Wise 29th (25:15.6) and Sarah Bailey 35th (26.:45.1).

"I'm really excited," Stewart said of Saturday's regional meet. "This year has been really different from last year since Mr. (Kevin) Potter has been gone. I haven't really known what to expect very much coming in. I don't really know what I can do. I want to make it out. We want to make it out as a team. That's our main goal. I'm just excited to run. I love racing and I'm ready to get back out there."

The Crawford County Lady Pack also had a good showing, making the regional cut with a fifth-place finish with 115 points, 17 ahead of sixth-place finisher Paoli. Gaines led the way for the Lady Pack, finishing 12th in 22:19.1. Aimsley Logsdon cracked the top 20, finishing 20th in 24:13.2, with Kloee Grizzel 27th (25:04.1), Leann Schwartz 30th (25:30.8) and Sherry Myers-Paquette 31st (25:34.7).

"Today, I feel much better," said Gaines, who had a disappointing finish in the previous weekend's Patoka Lake Athletic Conference meet. "I feel like I ran a lot better today, too."

"It was really slick and I don't have spikes on the turns," she said of the conditions. "Me and this one girl on one turn hit each other and I thought she was going to fall. I felt really bad, but she stayed up thankfully. But it was slick and it didn't help with all the heat either. It was really hot. I drank a lot of water, and it really helped. I took my first ice bath Thursday, so my legs felt refreshed. I felt good."

Individuals making the regional cut included Paoli's Hannah Albertson (17th at 23:48.5), North Harrison's Blaine Whittaker (25th at 24:53.3), Paoli's Elisabeth Kerby (26th at 25:13.7), Madison Cunningham (28th at 25.13.7), Elizabeth Workman (32nd at 25:43.9), South Central's Macey Kidd (33rd at 25:45.2) and Paoli's Rachel Umpleby (34th at 26:02.2).

The boys' race was decided early as Christian Academy of Indiana's Caleb Futter quickly established a lead with teammate Evan Heitz right behind. The two were well ahead of the field at the halfway point, but New Albany's Alexander Wallingford was making a move to get up with the leading pair. Floyd Central's team was bunched up, as well, with five runners in the top 10.

At the finish, Futter got the win with a time of 16 minutes, 45.3 seconds. Wallingford split the Christian Academy runners to finish second in 17:11.8, and Heitz was third in 17:15.0. New Albany's Angelo Cordova was fourth in 17:17.2.

Then came the Floyd Central pack with twins David and Luke Heinemann fifth and sixth, respectively, in times of 17:26.5 and 17:34.0. North Harrison's Jacob Wenning broke up the Floyd Central group, finishing seventh in 17:35.5. The remainder of the Floyd Central grouping finished with Ross Ellis eighth (17:41.1), Weston Naville ninth (17:45.7), Hunter Griffin 10th (17:53.3), Justin McWilliams 19th (18:30.6) and Mitchel Meier 27th (19:10.9).

"I thought it went really well," Heinemann said of his run. "I took a break and didn't do a workout for like five weeks before this. so it went well. I saw Luke and Hunter struggling, so I just tried to go for it and tried to get us low points."

"This meet I thought of myself as the seventh guy because I hadn't run anything," he said. "But now I think I'm going to go out with Luke and Hunter and really go for it now that I have a good race under my belt."

"We've had a pretty good week of training," Korte said. "We went to mornings and used that cool weather. It probably won't be as intense there (at regional). I've got to assess some of my injured guys and see if we can fix them up a little bit better. Next week, hopefully, it will be 20 degrees cooler and the race strategy will be slightly different based off of that."

Individuals making the regional cut included North Harrison's Jacob Wenning with his seventh-place finish in 17:35.5, South Central's Jude Baker (12th at 18.10.8) and Maddox Baker (16th at 18:27.0), Corydon Central's Bryce Weber (18th in 18:28.6), Crawford County's Christian Carlton (23rd in 18:52.4), North Harrison's Chase Long (26th at 19:06.9), South Central's Gavin Schweitzer (29th at 19:18.0) and Corydon Central's Zach Houghland (30th at 19:23.9).

"I drank a little too much water," Wenning said. "It sloshed around in my stomach, but it felt good. It was hot. It was a little wet in some spots, but, besides that, it was pretty good."

Long said his plan was to stick with the Heinemann twins.

"That's who I wanted to stick with," he said. "I saw them the whole race pretty much and finished right behind the second one (Luke Heinemann) … I didn't really think about it. I just tried to stay with the two twins and just run."

Carlton said he had a better day than at the previous weekend's conference race but still has some recovery to do for the regional.

"I feel better than I did, but I'm still dizzy about everything," the Crawford County senior said. "It didn't go bad, but it's not what I expected. I haven't been able to train the last few weeks. I couldn't really help it. I knew I wouldn't be able to stick with the top guys since I hadn't been able to train. So, if I could find someone, I would pace with them."

This week's regional comes back to Crawford County with the girls' race to start at 11 a.m. Saturday followed by the boys' race about 45 minutes later.

Girls' Team Scores (Top 5 to Regional): Floyd Central 20, New Albany 84, Corydon Central 91, Christian Academy of Indiana 114, Crawford County 115, Paoli 132, Borden 156, South Central 206, North Harrison 210, Incomplete - Lanesville, Providence

Girls' Individual Results: 1. Sydney Liddle (FC) 19:34.3, 2. McKenna Cavanaugh (CAI) 20:10.6, 3. Jaydon Cirincione (FC) 20:10.9, 4. Lillian Pearce (FC) 20:17.4, 5. Carley Conway (FC) 20:24.7, 6. Marcie Stewart (Cor) 20:36.7, 7. Natalie Clare (FC) 20:44.7, 8. Sydney Baxter (FC) 20:48.7, 9. Emily Armstrong (Cor) 21:36.4, 10. Olivia Hawkins (NA) 21:52.0, 11. Natalie Boesing (Prov) 22:19.0, 12. Gabi Gaines (CC) 22:19.1, 13. Emma Hupp (FC) 22:41.5, 14. Alexandre Hogue (NA) 23:05.0, 15. Lexi Orme (Cor) 23:22.1, 16. Callie Crouse (CAI) 23:38.9, 17. Hannah Albertson (Pa) 23:48.5, 18. Laney Thompson (NA) 24:03.6, 19. Mckenna Ray (Bor) 24:03.7, 20. Aimsley Logsdon (CC) 24:13.2

Advancing Individuals From Non-qualifying Teams: 11. Natalie Boesing (Prov) 22:19.0, 17. Hannah Albertson (Pa)23:48.5, 19. Mckenna Ray (Bor) 24:03.7, 21. Kaylie Magallanes (Bor) 24:24.3, 25. Blaine Whittaker (NH) 24:53.3, 26. Elisabeth Kerby (Pa) 24:53.5, 28. Madison Cunningham (Pa) 25:13.7, 32. Elizabeth Workman (Pa) 25:43.9, 33. Macey Kidd (SCent) 25:45.2, 34. Rachel Umpleby (Pa) 26:02.0

Boys' Team Scores (Top 5 to Regional): Floyd Central 38, New Albany 62, Christian Academy of Indiana 112, Providence 117, Borden 129, South Central 138, Corydon Central 162, North Harrison 178, Crawford County 233, Lanesville 255, Incomplete - Clarksville, Paoli

Boys' Individual Results: 1. Caleb Futter (CAI) 16:45.3, 2. Alexander Wallingford (NA) 17:11.6, 3. Evan Heitz (CAI) 17:15.0, 4. Angelo Gonzalez Cordova (NA) 17:17.2, 5. David Heinemann (FC) 17:26.5, 6. Luke Heinemann (FC) 17:34.0, 7. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:35.5, 8. Ross Ellis (FC) 17:41.1, 9. Weston Naville (FC) 17:45.7, 10. Hunter Griffin (FC) 17:53.3, 11. Gavin Just (Bor) 17:57.0, 12. Jude Baker (SCent) 18:10.8, 13. Thomas Gaines (Prov) 18:13.3, 14. Vincent Jacobs (NA) 18:16.1, 15. Lody Cheatham (Bor) 18:17.6, 16. Maddox Baker (SCent) 18:27.0, 17. Sterling Mikel (Bor) 18:28.4, 18. Bryce Weber (Cor) 18:28.6, 19. Just McWilliams (FC) 18:30.6, 20. Benjamin Lewis (NA) 18:44.0

Advancing Individuals From Non-qualifying Teams: 7. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:35.5, 11. Gavin Just (Bor) 17:57.0, 12. Jude Baker (SCent) 18:10.8, 15. Lody Cheatham (Bor) 18:17.6, 16. Maddox Baker (SCent) 18:27.0, 18. Bryce Weber (Cor) 18:28.6, 23. Christian Carlton (CC) 18:52.4, 26. Chase Long (NH) 19:06.9, 29. 29. Gavin Schweitzer (SCent) 19:18.0, 30. Zach Houghland (Cor) 19:23.9

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