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Floyd Central sweeps cross-country sectional

Corydon's Marshall, FC's Liddle individual champs

October 16, 2019
The Floyd Central boys' and girls' cross-country teams dominated at the Crawford County Sectional on a cold and frosty Saturday morning with the Highlanders racing to claim seven of the top-10 spots. Floyd Central's Sydney Liddle continued her winning ways in the girls' division, while Corydon Central's Camden Marshall took the boys' sectional title individually.

The Floyd Central girls' and boys' teams swept the Crawford County cross-country sectional. The Lady Highlanders finished with a perfect score of 15, and the Highlanders won with a low score of 21. Photos By Wade Bell

The boys ran first, and the Highlanders held back using a pack strategy through the early part of the race. At the halfway point, Floyd Central's Hunter Griffin had the lead about five meters ahead of Marshall with Floyd Central's Luke Heinemann in the third spot. New Albany's Wade Woosley was fourth, and South Central's Maddox Baker fifth.

At the finish, Marshall had moved well ahead of the field to the first position to win in a time of 16 minutes, 25 seconds and Heinemann passed Griffin to claim the second spot. Floyd Central had four runners in the top five with Eli Johnson fourth and Michel Meier fifth. Woosley finished seventh for Floyd Central, and Justin McWilliams was ninth. Nicholas Gordon was a little farther back for the Highlanders, finishing 17th.

"I just tried to stay behind (Floyd Central's) No. 1 runner," said Marshall after the win. "I knew I was in shape to run with them. I'm more of a track runner to be honest. I knew if I was with them with a half mile left, I probably would have the race."

Marshall said he will try to use that same strategy at this week's Crawford County Regional.

Floyd Central senior Sydney Liddle dominated the Crawford County cross-country sectional girls' race, finishing the 3.1 miles in a time of 19:42.4.
"I'm just going to go out with that lead pack and see what happens from there," Marshall said. "They have some pretty good runners at Jasper. I'm really happy. I'm really stoked right now."

Heinemann said the Highlanders worked the same strategy they will use at this week's regional meet, focusing on the Jasper runners.

"We kind of said we wanted to go out fast, kind of race like that at regionals, because we knew we were going to win here," Heinemann said. "We just kind of wanted to prepare for Jasper. We know they're a good team, and we just wanted to kill our legs early and see if we could hang on ... Jasper has run really fast times. They're probably seeded to beat us, but we still think we're ahead. We think we can beat them."

"We looked good," said Floyd Central coach Tim Korte.

The Highlanders finished with 21 points.

"I liked the way the pack looked today," Korte said. "We hadn't looked that strong, that tight, pack-wise, for a couple of weeks now. The weather helped. The weather's always going to help when you get a day like this. I don't know if we'll have weather this nice through the rest of the tournament. We can only hope so."

Korte said his team will approach the regional as they did their sectional run.

"No different," he said. "This was supposed to be a prep race for next week. We were coming out here and saying, 'Hey, let's see the course, let's learn the course and do what we want to do based off of this.' So this was a dry run. It's what we were going for."

In the team standings New Albany was second with 70 points, Borden third (85), Corydon Central fourth (107) and South Central claimed the last regional spot finishing in fifth (114). North Harrison was sixth with 162 points and Crawford County was eighth with 232. Lanesville had no team score.

Making the regional cut individually was North Harrison's Jacob Wenning (15th), Chase Long (28th) and Oxiel Castro (30th). Lanesville's Justin Bailey got in at the 43rd spot, and Crawford County freshman Klayton Grizzel claimed the final regional spot from the 44th position.

South Central's Jude Baker hung on for a 10th-place finish in 17:01.6. His brother, Maddox Baker, was 12th.

Corydon Central's Bryce Weber came up for 18th place, while teammate Zach Houghland was 20th.

The Lady Highlanders also used the pack strategy in their 3.1-mile run. Corydon Central's Marcie Stewart and Emily Armstrong led the field through the first turn with Providence's Natalie Boesing third, Floyd Central's Sydney Liddle fourth and Crawford County's Gabi Gaines in fifth.

At the halfway point, Boesing moved up to first with Stewart second. Boesing's teammate, Maci Hoskins, was third and Armstrong fourth. Liddle and five of her teammates stayed right behind in a six-runner group.

Shortly after passing the midway point, Liddle broke to the front of the field and never looked back going on to win in a time of 19:42.4. Floyd Central's Chloe Loftus, Sydney Baxter, Savanna Liddle and Jaydon Cirincione lined up in formation for the next four spots with teammate Natalie Clare right behind in sixth. The Lady Highlanders' Carley Conway was 10th. Floyd Central finished with a perfect score of 15.

"The plan was to run, for me and few other top girls, to do tempo the first two miles and we were going to try to stay in the top seven the whole pack," said Sydney Liddle. "That would also push our seventh girl and then spread it out."

Come regional, the strategy will likely change.

"Next week, we'll race like we do regularly with Jasper," she said. "It will be better competition next week. We've run a lot of big meets this year, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the season."

Loftus said it was a fun run for her and her teammates, especially at the end.

"We were having a lot of fun with it," Loftus said. "Our goal was to do the first two miles with a tempo-paced pack run. Then, we were told to take off at two (miles) or, if we wanted to, we could tempo the last mile and do what we wanted with it. Sydney decided she was going to go, and we knew going in that's what she would do. She took off at mile two so then me, Sydney Baxter, Savanna Liddle and Jayden Cirincione all made a pact before the race that we would all four finish together in a line. We did most of the hard work together, so we might as well finish together. We figured that would be the last time we'd get to do that."

"We had a game plan coming down here a little different than usual and they stuck to it really well," said Floyd Central coach Carl Hook. "We tried to pack up and take care of ourselves a little bit and still have a good race. It worked out perfect. They ran the race exactly how they were supposed to run and they had fun doing it, and that's nice when you have fun. It's nice to see them all smiling so I like that."

Corydon Central's Emily Armstrong said she wanted to take up the slack for Stewart, who was less than 100% going into the race.

"I felt pretty good," Armstrong said. "I knew my teammate was struggling, so I really had to step up so I just went out there and did my best. We just talked about working as a team and trying to get the best that we could do. We knew that Floyd was really ahead, and we were just trying to compete and do what we could do and work as a team."

Crawford County's Gabi Gaines just missed a top-10 spot, finishing 11th in a time of 21:19.5. The Crawford County senior said having the Floyd Central pack in front of her gave her a target to go after.

"Just looking at all of them in front of me, I just wanted to get past them," Gaines said. "I couldn't this time but, hopefully, next time I will ... I'm just going to find a girl that paces good and stay up with her for a while. Then, if I feel like I can keep pushing, I'm going to go. But, if I need to slow it down, I'll cut it back and move towards the front as we get towards the end."

Corydon Central finished second in the team standings with a score of 73, and Borden was third at 111 points. New Albany was fourth with 115, and Providence claimed the final regional spot at fifth with 134. Crawford County was sixth (161) and North Harrison seventh (171). Lanesville and South Central had no team scores.

Crawford County's Kloee Grizzel (25th) and Melonie Kopp (32nd) will join Gaines at Saturday's regional. North Harrison's Gracie Rothrock (16th) and Sadie Rothrock (24th) also made the cut for Saturday's run.

Boys' team scores (top five advance) – 1. Floyd Central 21, 2. New Albany 70, 3. Borden 85, 4. Corydon Central 107, 5. South Central 114, 6. North Harrison 162, 7. Providence 174, 8. Crawford County 222, 9. Paoli 280 (No team score: Christian Academy of Indiana, Clarksville, Lanesville).

Boys' individual results – 1. Camden Marshall (Cory) 16:25.0, 2. Luke Heinemann (FC) 16:35.6, 3. Hunter Griffin (FC) 16:41.9, 4. Eli Johnson (FC) 16:45.6, 5. Mitchell Meier (FC) 16:48.3, 6. Angelo Gonzalez (NA) 16:51.5, 7. Wade Woosley (FC) 16:58.8, 8. Sterling Mikel (Bor) 16:59.2, 9. Justin McWilliams (FC) 16:59.7, 10. Jude Baker (SCent) 17:01.6, 11. Gavin Just (Bor) 17:05.0, 12. Maddox Baker (SCent) 17:08.6, 13. Gregory Schindler (NA) 17:13.7, 14. Aaron Lord (NA) 17:22.7, 15. Jacob Wenning (NA) 17:28.3, 16. Aidan Lord (NA) 17:29.2, 17. Nicholas Gordon (FC) 17:31.8, 18. Bryce Weber (Cory) 17:40.7, 19. Lody Cheatham (Bor) 17:47.6, 20. Zach Houghland (Cory) 17:52.0, 21. Isaac Cooley (NA) 17:58.7, 22. Blake Hoffman (Bor) 18:05.4, 23. Collin Madley (NA) 18:05.7, 24. Garrett Huber (Prov) 18:08.6, 25. Jaden Hardestry (CAI) 18:08.7.

Boys' regional qualifiers not on a qualifying team – 15. Jacob Wenning (NH) 17:28.3, 24. Garrett Huber (Prov) 18:08.6, 25. Jaden Hardestry (CAI) 18:08.7, 27. Ben Kelly (Prov) 18:11.7, 28. Chase Long (NH) 18:17.8, 30. Oxiel Castro (NH) 18:23.7, 40. Will Harper (Prov) 19:18.1, 42. Noah Futter (CAI) 19:30.6, 43. Justin Bailey (Lnsvl) 19:44.6, 44. Klayton Grizzel (CC) 20:04.6.

Girls' team scores (top five advance) – 1. Floyd Central 15, 2, Corydon Central 73, 3. Borden 111, 4. New Albany 115, 5. Providence 135, 6. Crawford County 161, 7. North Harrison 171, 8. Paoli 179, 9. Christian Academy of Indiana 200 (No team scores: Lanesville, South Central).

Girls' individual results – 1. Sydney Liddle (FC) 19:42.4, 2. Chloe Loftus (FC) 20:24.9, 3. Sydney Baxter (FC) 20:25.0, 4. Savanna Liddle (FC) 20:25.1, 5. Jaydon Cirincione (FC) 20:25.1, 6. Natalie Clare (FC) 20:31.4, 7. Natalie Boesing (Prov) 20:37.1 8. Maci Hoskins (Prov) 20:43.6, 9. Emily Armstrong (Cory) 20:47.6, 10. Carley Conway (FC) 21:08.7, 11. Gabi Gaines (CC) 21:19.5, 12. Marcie Stewart (Cory) 21:27.2, 13. Ryleigh Lisher (Cory) 21:40.3, 14. Kaylie Magallanes (Bor) 21:40.4, 15. Laura Andrew (NA) 21:40.6, 16. Gracie Rothrock (NH) 21:50.7, 17. Sarah Bailey (Cory) 22:11.5, 18. Caroline Barieri (NA) 22:17.7, 19. Alexandra Hogue (NA) 22:19.2, 20. Joy Coffman (Bor) 22:29.3, 21. Callie Crouse (CAI) 22:34.9, 22. Emma Bailey (Cory) 22:47.1, 23. Delaney Smith (Bor) 22:58.1, 24. Sadie Rothrock (NH) 23:06.0, 25. Kloee Grizzel (CC) 23:22.9.

Girls' regional qualifiers not on a qualifying team – 11. Gabi Gaines (CC) 21:19.5, 16. Gracie Rothrock (NH) 21:50.7, 21. Callie Crouse (CAI) 22:34.9, 24. Sadie Rothrock (NH) 23:06.0, 25. Kloee Grizzel (CC) 23:22.9, 29. Cailyn Baechle (Paoli) 23:40.7, 30. Briley Dunn (CAI) 23:55.6, 31. Madelyn McDonald (Paoli) 24:02.9, 32. Melonie Kopp (CC) 24:14.3, 34. Hannah Alberton (Paoli) 24:26.8.

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