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Crawford re-ups reassessment contract

Commissioner Gilmore wanted to look at completed work first

February 06, 2008
Despite reservations, Randy Gilmore joined his fellow two Crawford County Commissioners Thursday night in renewing the county's contract with Tyler Technologies Inc. CLT Division to provide trending and appraisal services.

"The (Department of Local Government Finance) is really pushing that I get this signed," Crawford County Assessor Tammy Procter told the commissioners.

Procter said that not only could failing to sign the contract delay work from being done, DLGF officials have told it could cost her her Level 2 certification, which would hurt her and the county.

"I will second (a motion to approve the contract made by Commissioner Jim Schultz) only because of the threat to you and your license," Gilmore told Procter.

"Just being strong-armed by the state needs to stop, and if we don't take" a stand, it won't, he said.

Before joining the other commissioners in approving the contract, Gilmore said he wanted to see the company's results so far, to evaluate how assessed values of properties have changed.

Procter said land is going up, while houses are both going up and down.

Gilmore said he wished the commissioners would have been given more notice so they could have looked at the work already completed. He explained he was concerned because the previous company hired to reassess the county didn't do a good job.

CLT is in the second year of a multi-year reassessment effort. Procter said the hope is to have the work completed within three years.

In another matter, the commissioners voted 2-1 to make Don DuBois, the county's economic development director, a county employee.

DuBois, who has been working as a contract employee, said the IRS indicated that since he has an office furnished by the county, he is a county employee.

That means DuBois is eligible for the same benefits, such as the Public Employees Retirement Fund, that county employees receive.

DuBois said he discussed the situation with the Crawford County Economic Development Commission, which pays his salary and furnishes his supplies with Economic Development Income Tax (non-General Fund) dollars. The commission put the added expenses into its budget and the County Council approved it.

DuBois added that the office has been able to secure outside funds to pay things like the telephone bill and dues, which will put the actual budget near what it has been.

If the commissioners chose to leave DuBois as a contract employee, they would have had to pay him enough money so he could furnish his own office space and purchase his own equipment and supplies.

Board of Commissioners President Larry Bye, who voted against making DuBois a county employee, said he is concerned that the benefit increases DuBois would receive by becoming an employee would act as a raise, although his actual pay wouldn't increase, when other county employees didn't receive one.

DuBois noted that he drives his own car to various meetings and estimated he loses between $4,000 to $5,000 a year by doing so.

Gilmore, a member of the Economic Development Commission, added that if DuBois worked in another county, he would most likely receive a much higher salary.

"Anybody in other counties make a lot more than Don," he said.

In other business, the commissioners:

•Announced they will meet in joint session with the county council on Feb. 21 to discuss the findings of a committee appointed to review personnel and spending in the county offices.

The commissioners will also conduct their regular monthly meeting that day, meeting in closed executive session at 4 p.m., meeting publicly with the county council at 5, and then having their regular public meeting at 7.

•Voted 3-0 to appoint Julie McCracken to the Union Township Advisory Board.

•Voted 3-0 to reappoint Circuit Court Judge K. Lynn Lopp and Prosecutor Cheryl Hillenburg and appoint Probation Officer Jim Grizzel and Sheriff Tim Wilkerson to the Hoosier Hills Community Corrections Advisory Board.

•Gave their blessing, via a 3-0 vote, for the Crawford County Council for a Drug Free Community to transfer $4,000 into the Drug Free account.

•Gave their blessing to Jon Kuss, director of Hoosier Hills PACT, which was excluded from the 2008 Crawford County budget, to ask the county council for funding. Hoosier Hills PACT has traditionally been part of the commissioners' budget.

•Approved, 3-0, dispatcher Debbie Pittman's request to use 95 hours she has accumulated as comp time. Sheriff Tim Wilkerson, who oversees the dispatch office, said he reviewed the amount and it is correct.

•Voted 3-0 to reinstate the building maintenance supervisor title, with $4,600 of pay, to county custodian Dale Roll.

Roll had previously served those duties, with the extra pay, but the county council took it out of the 2008 because of budget concerns.

Roll must address the council for the funding.

•Authorized, 3-0, Wilkerson to sign an agreement with Dr. Alan Wilhere of American Dental Service to provide on-site dental services at the Crawford County Jail.

Wilhere will be paid $45 per each visit to the jail, no matter if he tends to one inmate or several. Treatment services will be in addition to the $45 visit fee.

If Wilhere tends to Indiana Department of Correction inmates housed at the facility, the $45 invoice, as well as additional costs, will be billed to IDOC, Wilkerson said.

Chief Deputy Andy Beals said this will save the sheriff's department money, since officers won't have to transport inmates to a dentist's office.

•Voted 3-0 to allow Wilkerson to purchase two used cruisers from the Floyd County Sheriff's Department for $3,600 each. The approval is subject to the county council providing the funding.

The cruisers have approximately 90,000 miles each and are full loaded except for radios.

Wilkerson has purchased other vehicles from the Floyd County Sheriff's Department and has been pleased.

Beals said Crawford County needs the vehicles. One of the department's existing cars, he explained, is about to be retired from service and another is getting close.

•Approved, 3-0, Crawford County Emergency Management Agency Director Kent Barrow's request to have Crawford County enter an agreement with the counties in its district to share mapping.

The agreement will be beneficial to Crawford County should it need the services of Vanderburgh County's mobile communications trailer because it would provide a map of Crawford County to Vanderburgh officials.

Only the map, not residential information, will be shared.

Crawford County has a similar agreement with other counties.

•Voted 3-0 to request restitution for missing law books.

•Were told by Gilmore that the Broadband Internet tower west of the Eckerty has been erected. (To sign up for service, call Helix Technologies at 1-812-849-2070.)

•Noted that the reconfigured intersection of Temple and Quarry roads east of English will open Monday. Eastbound traffic on Temple Road will have to stop at Quarry Road.

•Voted 2-0-1 (Schultz abstained) to permit Schultz to sign sales disclosure forms on right-of-way easements for the Alton bridge rehabilitation project.

•Voted 3-0 to have the law enforcement officer stationed at the front door of the Crawford County Judicial Complex equipped with a communications radio.

•Voted 3-0 to declare four unused filing cabinets as surplus property and then to donate them to the Milltown Police Department. The cabinets were requested by Milltown Marshal Ray Saylor.

•Approved, 3-0, a maintenance agreement with Verizon for $3,881.

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