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Council considers OK'ing music fest

April 23, 2008
Georgetown businessman Tom Meredith, who with his wife Linda, owns Pizza-Villa, addressed the Georgetown Town Council last Tuesday night about plans he was making for a music festival on Memorial Day weekend.

Meredith told the board that the plans include several bands, featuring all kinds of music, as well as food booths, a karaoke booth and other vendors.

"We would like to put on a three-day music festival," Meredith said. "There's five acres behind my business that we can use for the event. It will be a walk-in affair, with parking at the Optimist Club (across S.R. 64).

"This will give the town a lot of recognition, and all the profits will be donated to the (WHAS) Crusade for Children."

Meredith told the board that the event will be held on Friday and Saturday, and there will be Christian music on Sunday afternoon.

"We're responsible for everything," Meredith said. "We'll have volunteers doing the clean-up, and it will be a no-alcohol event."

Some board members, as well as Police Chief Larry Potts, expressed concerns about the event, including the safety of people crossing S.R. 64 to get to the event and the liability of the town if someone was injured.

"I'm willing to work with you," Potts said, "but I have to do what the board wants."

"Why don't you draw up a detailed plan and come back to us with it?" Stewart asked. "Three of us are in favor of the event, and you have two that may be in favor. But we need to see a plan."

Meredith agreed to present a plan, in a special meeting if necessary, and to address the board's concerns with the event.

The board also approved a clean-up day for the town that was suggested by Councilman Aaron Striegel.

"If you live in a subdivision, there are rules about what you can do or not do," Striegel said. "In this area, downtown, there's all kinds of trash. The grass is high on a lot of properties. Behind one house, there's 500 to 1,000 aluminum cans in the yard.

"In Georgetown, people think they can just throw trash out and let things go. There's people who are trying to sell their homes on Walnut Street, and there's still a large mound of dirt there that needs to be taken care of," he said.

"I want to propose a clean-up day in Georgetown, on Saturday, June 1. We can get the citizens out, walk the alleys and streets, and clean up. If people don't clean up their property, other properties around them go down in value. People around here don't think they have to repair anything. I want people to take care of their property."

The board voted, and approved the clean-up day for June 1.

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