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Corydon Central's Ryan Eichmiller, left, catches a break as Clarksville's Brent Lewellen, center, struggles over a hurdle in the 110-meter highs at North Harrison. North Harrison's Jarred Richards, right, went on to finish second. (Photos by Wade Bell)

Brownstown, Paoli dominate NH meet

April 30, 2008
The Brownstown girls' and Paoli boys' track teams took home top honors Friday night at the North Harrison Invitational track meet with dominating wins over the other 12 schools. The Brownstown Lady Braves were a 90-point winner over runner-up Salem, and the Paoli Rams won by 32 points over Brownstown.

The Rams dominated with their sprinters placing runners in the top three in nine events and winning eight of those. The Lady Braves placed runners in the top three in 14 events while winning eight.

In some of the highlights, Corydon Central's Meghan Bussabarger flew over the bar at 5 feet, 6 inches to win the girls' high jump.

North Harrison's Tyler Byrne, left, said he looked back at his loss at the Corydon Central Invitational to Providence's Oliver Book for the extra spark he needed to defeat Book in the 1,600-meter run at the North Harrison Invitational.
In the girls' long jump, Corydon's Gretchen Zimmerman got nosed out by just a half-inch by Paoli's Kiaya Kameda. Kameda also grabbed the top spot in the 100-meter dash.

In the 110-meter high hurdles, Corydon's Ryan Eichmiller, Clarksville's Brent Lewellen and North Harrison's Jarod Richards were all vying for the top spot. With four hurdles to go, Lewellen had a near spill as he knocked the hurdle over. Eichmiller went on to win with Richards finishing second.

Bussabarger came back from her high jump win to also win her 100 meter hurdles event. The Corydon runner, however, wasn't quite satisfied as she hit some hurdles in the middle of the race.

"I've been having some trouble with hitting my knee on the sixth or seventh hurdle," Bussabarger said, showing off several bruises. "I don't know what it is. I don't know if I'm getting too low, but my knee is just dropping, or I'm not completely focused on that hurdle. It needs to be cleaned. I need to do more trail leg drills to keep it from nailing the hurdle every time because it really hurts."

In the boys' 1,600-meter run, North Harrison's Tyler Byrne had thought about his loss to Providence's Oliver Book during the Corydon Invitational. Byrne made some changes in his practice sessions and brought them to this meet. The Cougar sophomore ran away from Book to earn a six-second win.

"I've got little different plans now," Bryne said. "Instead of just following the runner ahead of me, I'm working on times, my splits. That's been working. I'm just working on keeping my pace where I want it and letting them do their thing. Me and my coach talked about it, so we decided to try it and it worked out pretty well. I've been running my fastest times since."

In the girls' 1,600-meter event, Brownstown standout Cassie Kovert dominated from beginning to end, running away from Crawford's Lauren Schaftlein at the gun to win by four seconds. Schaftlein said there was no way she should have caught Kovert.

"She's a very good runner," Schaftlein said. "Her times are very good in the mile, so I just tried to keep a good pace for myself and get the four laps in, pick it up on the last lap to try to give myself a good head start there before the last 400."

The Crawford senior said her team is already looking at making the push toward this year's sectional.

"And hopefully regional," she said. "So far, we've been doing pretty good. Our times are a little off this year compared to last year. Last year, here we were all excited because we got the two records. This year, (we're) not so strong, but we're going to try to improve our times."

Later in the meet, Bussabarger looked like she was going to get another easy win in the 300-meter hurdles. Midway through the race, however, she rolled an ankle and crashed to the ground, sending a hushed quiet across the track.

"I think she came off that hurdle and tipped it just enough to throw her off balance that her foot hit," Corydon boys' coach Kerry Zimmerman said. "Her right foot hit and just rolled on her. Right now, obviously, nothing's broken, I'm sure, but it rolled on her. You don't know about those things either. She's pretty tough. She's got a high pain tolerance"

In the girls' 800-meter run, Schaftlein and teammate Morgan Kenner made an attempt to give Kovert some heavier competition, staying close to the Lady Brave senior during the first lap. Kovert, however, proved to be too much to handle, winning by three seconds over Schaftlein. Kenner finished third, five seconds behind her teammate.

"We've been just working together for the last few weeks because we've had a lot of meets," Kenner said. "She's been my competition for the most part. We've worked on each other. We had 2:32 and 2:34, respectively, in the Orleans meet and without any other competition. I tried to kick it, but she did a little better than I did tonight. I only bettered that by a second. That's better than going backwards."

With the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference meet just over a week away, Kenner said most of the focus will be on getting ready for that.

"Conference last year I ran a 2:32," she said. That's one second better than I ran tonight. I think I'll have someone closer behind me at PLAC, so that will help my time when we run Perry. They've got some good girls in it, so that should do wonders for my time I think. I think I'm a little bit behind, but pretty much where I should be. These next few weeks we have one meet a week, so we're going to hit some hard workouts and we're going to get better."

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Girls' Scores - Brownstown 182, Salem 92, Corydon 52, North Harrison 52, Crawford County 49, Paoli 47, Providence 35, Eastern 28, Scottsburg 17, South Central 17, Austin 13, West Washington 2

Girls' Results - 100-Meter Dash-1. Kiaya Kameda (Pa) 12.9, 2. Ashley Allen (BT) 13.1, 3. Emily Summer (BT) 13.4; 100-Meter Hurdles-1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 15.0, 2. Lindsey Rumph (BT) 16.3, 3. Shelby Miller (SoCent) 16.8; 200-Meter Dash-1. Ashley Allen (BT) 27.0, 2. Kiaya Kameda (P) 27.5, 3. Megan Eve (Prov) 27.6; 1,600-Meter Run-1. Cassie Kovert (BT) 5:32, 2. Lauren Schaftlein (CC) 5:36, 3. Audrey Thill (Pa) 5:40; Fr. 400-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 55.6, 2. North Harrison 57.2, 3. Providence 57.7; Var. 400-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 53.4, 2. Salem 55.0, 3. North Harrison 56.1; 400-Meter Dash-1. Sammie Bane (BT) 1:04.5, 2. Hannah Maupin (BT) 1:06.3, 3. Michelle Goodin ((A) 1:06.7; 300-Meter Hurdles-1. Shelby Miller (SoCent) 49.7, 2. Rebecka Sacksteder (Sa) 50.6, 3. Lindsey Rumph (BT) 51.9; 800-Meter Run-1. Cassie Kovert (BT) 2:25.0, 2. Lauren Schaftlein (CC) 2:28.3, 3. Morgan Kenner (CC) 2:33.9; 3,200-Meter Run-1. Audrey Thill (Pa) 12:13.2, 2. Erika Wilson (E) 12:54.4, 3. Brooke Davisson (Sa) 13:15.8; Fr. 1,600-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 4:47.4, 2. Providence 4:53.3, 3. Salem 5:02.1; 3,200-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 10:34, 2. Crawford County 10:42, 3. Salem 11:27; Var. 1,600-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 4:27.5, 2. Crawford County 4:36.8, 3. Salem 4:44.0; 800-Meter Relay-1. Salem 2:00.2, 2. Brownstown 2:00.3, 3. Providence 2:03.0; Discus-1. Sarah Baker (BT) 115-10, 2. Tori Taylor (Sa) 105-8 1/2, 3. Amanda Hartley (NH) 99-10; Shot Put-1. Tia Deaton (Scbg) 37-8, 2. Tori Taylor (Sa) 34-5, 3. Sara Baker (BT) 33-5; Long Jump-1. Kiaya Kameda (Pa) 15-1 1/2, 2. Gretchen Zimmerman (Co) 15-0 1/2, 3. Whitney Thomas (Sa) 14-6; High Jump-1. Meghan Bussabarger (Co) 5-6, 2. Olivia Webster (E) 5-0, 3. (Tie) Ramona Taylor (NH) and Becca Hough (A) 4-10; Pole Vault-1. Kelly Eberly (Co) 8-6, 2. Sammie Bane (BT) 7-6, 3. Claire Hardsaw (Co) 7-6

Boys' Scores - Paoli 119, Brownstown 87, Corydon 78, North Harrison 75, Providence 67, Clarksville 57, Salem 46.5, Austin 27, Scottsburg 19.5, Crawford County 7, Eastern 3, West Washington 3

Boys' Results - 100-Meter Dash-1. Tyler Dillard (Pa) 11.2, 2. George Napier (A) 11.2, 3. Cory Isaac (NH) 11.3; 110-Meter H. Hurdles-1. Ryan Eichmiller (Co) 15.5, 2. Jarod Richards (NH) 16.0, 3. Tyler Huls (Sa) 16.1; 200-Meter Dash-1. Dylan Long (Pa) 22.9, 2. Ben Leatherbury (Sa) 22.9, 3. Tylar Dillard (Pa) 22.9; 1,600-Meter Run-1. Tyler Byrne (NH) 4:31, 2. Oliver Book (Prov) 4:37, 3. Mark Crossman (BT) 4:39; Fr. 400-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 47.8, 2. Paoli 49.1, 3. Providence 49.8; Var. 400-Meter Relay-1. Paoli 46.4, 2. Providence 46.6, 3. Corydon 49.3; 400-Meter Dash-1. Tyler Dillard (Pa) 52.0, 2. Sean Ettinger (Co) 52.5, 3. Isaiah Masters (Clkvl) 52.9; 300-Meter I. Hurdles-1. Ben White (Pa) 42.2, 2. Ryan Eichmiller (Co) 42.5, 3. Jarred Richards (NH) 42.6; 800-Meter Run-1. Mark Crossman (BT) 2:02.6, 2. Oliver Book (Prov) 2:05.5, 3. Harrison Mann (Co) 2:07.9; 3,200-Meter Run-1. Tyler Byrne (NH) 9:54.5, 2. J.T. Winkle (Clkvl) 10:29.9, 3. Jeff Johnson (A) 10:34.6; 3,200-Meter Relay-1. North Harrison 8:38, 2. Providence 8:45, 3. Salem 8:55; Fr. 1,600-Meter Relay-1. Brownstown 4:02.3, 2. Providence 4:04.0, 3. Clarksville 4:05.3; Var. 1,600-Meter Relay-1. Paoli 3:37.4, 2. Corydon 3:42.6, 3. Brownstown 3:43.3; 800-Meter Relay-1. Paoli 1:37.5, 2. Brownstown 1:40.3, 3. Corydon 1:41.4; Discus-1. Ethan Huffman (Prov) 154-8 1/2, 2. Alan Austin (NH) 149-1, 3. David Baker 125-3; Shot Put-1. Ethan Huffman (Prov) 51-1, 2. David Baker (BT) 47-6, 3. Caleb Reeves (Clkvl) 45-10 1/2; Long Jump-1. Ben White (Pa) 19-8, 2. Sean Ettinger (Co) 19-6 1/2, 3. Ben Leatherbury (Sa) 18-7 1/2; High Jump-1. Forrest Pritchard (Scbg) 6-0, 2. Ben Leatherbury (Sa) 5-10, 2. Chad Conrad (Co) 5-10; Pole Vault-1. Sebastian Rogers (Scbg) 14-0, 2. Thomas Snyder (Sa) 12-6, 3. Timmy Herchenrader (Clkvl) 10-6

Outstanding Girl Track - Kassie Kovert (BT)

Outstanding Girl Field - Tori Taylor (Sa), Sara Baker (BT)

Outstanding Boy Track - Tyler Dillard (Pa)

Outstanding Boy Field - Ethan Huffman (Prov)

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