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Crawford golfers outswing Perry

April 30, 2008
Crawford County's golf team edged out visiting Perry Central by nine shots last Thursday afternoon, with both teams dodging downpouring raindrops at the end of the day. Jarret Denzinger and Ryan Griffith led the Wolfpack with lows scores for the nine holes.

Crawford County's Jarret Denzinger watches this chip shot fly toward the hole on his sixth hole in the Wolfpack's nine-shot win over Perry Central. Denzinger shot a 39 for the round. (Photo by Wade Bell)
"We have been inconsistent," Crawford coach Jeff Crecelius said. "We have got quite a few guys, our top four have all shot in the 30s and we're a little inconsistent. We're young. We graduated a lot of seniors last year, and, right now, we're just sort of feeling our way around. We're getting better, but we're still inconsistent, and I think by the end of the year, we could be a force to be reckoned with in the conference."

Denzinger's driver was crushing the ball for the longest drives of the day, setting up some much shorter seconds shots. Teammate Andrew Curl struggled in some early holes, finding high grass on his third and fourth holes.

"I've been playing pretty well lately, and my driver is working well for me," Denzinger said. "I've been in a slump lately. I'm starting to come back better now. It was one different thing at a time. My driver went a little haywire and my irons got bad, but I fixed all that. Now, it's a little thing with my putter, but it's all starting to come back in. You just practice. It takes a lot of practice, but I've had people here help me out and I've got friends that can give me support."

Crawford, as well as many other teams, has had to battle course conditions early in the season as heavy rains softened up the greens and fairways. Since then, however, drier conditions have hardened up the ground, making the courses much faster.

"We played a course Monday that was hard and fast. Tuesday night, we turned around and played a course with the greens much slower," Crecelius said. "The kids just have to make adjustments on the fly. We've done a pretty good job of that thus far this year."

"We played Monday at Chariot Run, and they were lightning quick," junior Ryan Griffith said. "Tuesday at Boonville, it was like putting on dead grass. They were terrible. Then, you come here and it's another speed. It's really hard to get adjusted to all of them. At nicer courses, they'll fine cut them better. They aerated them, and it just all depends. The nicer courses have a little quicker greens."

Conditions changed near the end of this match as a heavy thundershower unloaded on the course to delay play for several minutes due to lightning. Denzinger and Griffith had the low scores of 39 for Crawford, while Travis Goffinett led the Commodores, also with a 39.

"The kids probably played better toward the end of the round than they did at the start of the round, for some reason," Crecelius said. "That's a good sign because we're going to have to play in conditions like this."

"I had one bad round that got away from me," said Griffith, who has been consistently in the 30s for nine holes. "I practiced my way out of it, and I improved better from there. It's just really working out there, getting out on the range and stuff. I had a couple of bad shots, but I just hit through it. My irons has really helped me."

Denzinger said the team is playing with a lot of confidence and that will make a big difference when the post-season begins.

"It's coming through," he said. "We can go as far as we want to, depending on how we play. Everybody has to play good on the same night."

"Our younger guys are playing good," Griffith said." We have a pretty good chance to repeat conference and maybe get back to regional."

"Our top three, Andrew Curl has played awfully well for us," Crecelius said. "He has probably been the most consistent. Jarret and Ryan have both had their moments this year where they've played very well. They've also had some moments in some batches where they haven't played well. All in all, those three are pretty much a mainstay on the team."

However, Crecelius said there is one more spot that needs to be filled to make the team its best.

"We're still looking for that fourth guy to come forward," he said. "We've basically got three guys vying for that fourth spot every time. … We've got two seniors that have played well. Both have shot good rounds, in Ethan Smith and Spencer Griswold. Tyler Wyman, he's a freshman and he's pushing them a little bit. We also have a sophomore, Bryant Morton, who is starting to push them a little bit.

"That helps us. We need the younger kids to push our older kids. So far, we've played pretty well."

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