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Commissioners promise EMTs upgrade to ambulance service

August 13, 2008
The Crawford County Board of Commissioners pledged to the county's emergency medical technicians who are working to gain intermediate level certification that the county's ambulance service itself will be certified within a year.

That's important because the EMTs must affiliate themselves with a certified service within a year or they will need to be recertified, said Debbie Wiseman, ambulance service director.

Tim Faris, who works full time for Bloomington Hospital of Orange County and part time for the Crawford County Ambulance Service, said the county will have to spend approximately $84,424 to gain intermediate status.

"That will be the cost to buy the equipment, stock the trucks and have stuff on hand," he said.

Four of the service's eight full-time EMTs and one of its part-time EMTs have completed the process except for the written test, which they were waiting to take until they received confirmation from the commissioners, Wiseman said.

Intermediate certification is not be as advanced as paramedic status, but it is better than what the county has currently, she said.

"There will still be a few things that paramedics can do that we can't …," Wiseman said. "It's going to be a better upgrade to the county."

The EMTs can take the written exam up to six times, but must wait 14 days in between each exam, she said, adding each test costs $100.

The commissioners in their 3-0 vote to attain intermediate level status for the ambulance service within a year of the last EMT passing their exam also agreed to reimburse a retest.

In other business, the commissioners:

•Voted 3-0 to pay a $7,000 supplemental bill to Beam, Longest and Neff, the county's bridge inspector, for the emergency inspection the engineering firm did on County Bridge No. 123 after the flooding at Milltown.

•Voted 3-0 to pay $2,000 out of the Highway Department Escrow Fund for a changer for grader tires.

•Announced quotes on a building to house rock in District 1. Harris Construction offered the price of $27,925 for a 40-foot-by-48-foot building, while TT&W gave a quote of $29,289 for a 43-foot-by-48-foot building. The quotes are good for 30 days, and the commissioners are expected to act at a special meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 5 p.m. at the Crawford County Judicial Complex at English to discuss insurance quotes.

•Voted 3-0 to provide $200,000 out of the Orange County Riverboat Gaming Fund to repair the bridge leading into old Marengo. The Crawford County Council must also approve the action.

•Voted 3-0 to allow District 1 Commissioner Larry Bye, as president of the board, to sign a salary ordinance, if approved by the county council, ending comp time Aug. 9 and instead paying overtime.

•Were asked by County Assessor Tammy Procter for additional help in her office, as no mapping has been done because of a delay in the Surveyor's Office. The commissioners said — and later voted 3-0 to do so — that they will be advertising for a floater position in the judicial complex. They also indicated they will contact the county council about funding additional help for platting in the Surveyor's Office.

•Included in their 3-0 vote to advertise for a floater to also advertise for a full-time director for the Dispatch Office. Interviews will be conducted at 4 p.m. on Aug. 28 at the judicial complex.

•Announced that the addressing part of Dispatch is to be put into the Surveyor's Office.

•Announced that their next meeting will be Thursday, Aug. 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Crawford County Judicial Complex.

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