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Palmyra goes forward on annexation

August 13, 2008
The Palmyra Town Council, meeting in regular session Thursday, unanimously approved to move forward with two ordinances, one concerning the annexation of property along U.S. 150 northeast of town and another concerning the annexation of property east of Church Street.

The ordinances have not been finalized yet. Town Attorney Shawn Donahue needs to take the street addresses to the county auditor's office and find out who paid the taxes last on the properties.

There will be a public hearing for both annexations at the Oct. 2 regular meeting.

In other news, Council President Alvin Brown made a proposal, saying that he wished to know the financial status of the town on a regular basis.

"Once a month I want to go to the bank and get a list of investments and what's coming in (to the town)," Brown said.

Councilman Paul Eveslage made a motion to approve this proposal and fellow Councilman Jenny Kirkham seconded the measure, which passed 3-0.

In public comments, residents of Heuser Street raised concerns about a run-down building in their neighborhood. There were claims that it is rat-and-snake infested and only standing due to the support of a diseased tree.

The residents said they were concerned with the safety of their children in the event of a collapse and wished to have the building condemned. Most notably concerned were the owners of the property next to the building, whose fence would be in the collapse zone.

Eveslage informed the residents that he was currently in talks with the woman that owns the property and that they must be patient. A building inspector could cost the town $250 to $500 and that could be wasted if the building is deemed structurally sound, Brown added.

After continued frustration from the audience, Brown conceded that the council would take action and get a building inspector to inspect the building if nothing is done by the owner within 30 days.

In addition to the building comments, several in attendance expressed a desire for a sewer credit during the summer months when their water usage is curbed. The council said it would address the issue at the next meeting in September.

Former Council President Speedy McClanahan also had a few suggestions for the current board. He said there should be two signatures on every check the town writes, those of the town president and the clerk-treasurer. Additionally, the lockbox at the bank should have two keys that would be held by the president and the clerk-treasurer, he said.

Brown thought this was a good idea and Eveslage agreed, saying it would "keep people honest."

The council voted 3-0 to adopt McClanahan's suggestion.

The next regular town council meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 4.

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