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Crawford's light flickers out against Corydon

September 17, 2008
After surviving game one in a two-point shoot-out, the visiting Lady Panthers of Corydon Central plowed by Crawford County in a three-game win Thursday. It was a match where a single flickering of the lights changed the entire complexity of the game.

Crawford County's Amanda Toney goes to the deck for this dig in game three against Corydon Central, but the Lady Panthers' came out with the three-game win. (Photo by Wade Bell)
"I tell them every night, 'You go into a gym and there's another high school team there. That high school team came to win just like you came to win. If you don't give it your full-boat effort from whistle to whistle, then anybody could win," Corydon coach Kim Briscoe said.

"Volleyball is such a momentum game," she said. "When you get the momentum and you push ahead, then you start owning the situation on the court. When you play point for point, back and forth, that's anybody's ball game any time any day, no matter who you're playing."

"We talked about how great of a team they were," Crawford coach Danielle Trotter said, "but our defense has been playing great, and as long as we had our defense great and our blockers on and we kept the ball on their side of the net, their hits wouldn't matter. It would be all on us. They came out prepared to do that. Our first hit was a block. They came out doing that and staying strong. They just didn't hold the focus the whole way through."

Corydon struggled through the early part of game one and Crawford gained confidence with each play, surprising the Lady Panthers with an 8-2 lead. Meghan Bussabarger then killed for a Corydon point and that sparked an 8-1 run, cutting Crawford's lead to 10-9. Violet Lumley killed for Crawford, then came a brief swap meet until Corydon committed two hitting errors, the Lady Pack taking a 14-11 lead.

Amanda Rothrock killed for Corydon, then Crawford committed two hitting errors, the game tied at 14. Crawford held the edge during a trading session, but then committed a service error. Jenna Keinsley aced on serve, giving Corydon a one-point edge. Crystal Allen punched in a Crawford kill, then Corydon hit short twice, the Lady Pack taking a 21-19 edge. Jessica Giuffre killed for Corydon, but Allen answered again.

Crawford kept that two-point edge at 24-22, then a set of lights flickered overhead and went out, forcing a delay in the game. Corydon also called timeout. When play resumed, Crawford misfired on serve, allowing Corydon within one. Keinsley then killed on the next sideout for the tie. Corydon then served out, but Crawford's Kim Holzbog hit out. Keinsley killed again, and Crawford hit out of bounds for the 27-25 Corydon win.

"It helped us more than it helped them," Briscoe said of the lights. "I was going to call timeout anyway right before that light went out."

Briscoe was still unhappy with how the game progressed.

"Really flat," she said. "This is kind of a hostile environment. It's really hot. They (the officials) screwed my lineups twice when they put them on the floor. They were written down correct. They didn't check their cards to make sure they were in the right positions. That kind of blew us away.

"My underclassmen, freshmen, JV, they didn't play hard all night. It was just like a karma kind of night. Maybe the low pressure cell from the hurricane pushed it away. It was not just our best performance. At times we're as good as anybody."

"When the lights flickered, we still had all the momentum, then we had that timeout called then," Trotter said. "The girls came in, and the girls were all doing great. Then, we came out and missed a serve and that changed the momentum totally. I think that's what got us in game one."

Crawford got an early jump on Corydon with a 3-1 lead, but it didn't last long as the Lady Panthers quickly came back to tie the game at four. Following a point-swap, Corydon rolled up an 8-1 run for a 13-6 lead. The Lady Panthers dominated from that point to win the game, 25-9.

Corydon grabbed a 5-1 lead in game three, but Crawford worked to cut its deficit to two. From there, however, it was all Corydon, the Lady Panthers rushing to a 12-6 advantage. Taylor Cox killed for a Crawford point, but Corydon countered with another 8-1 burst, to lead 20-8. Crawford made a late run to pull within eight, but succumbed in a 25-16 loss.

"I think as soon as they started hitting, we got timid," Trotter said. "Our blocks weren't there, so we hit a little bit. I think we got a lack of confidence in our ability, and from that point on trying to pick them back up was the focus of the game. It worked. They came back, but they had already allowed (Corydon) to have 24 points in game three. It was just too late to come back."

Keinsley led the winners with 10 kills and five service aces, and Bussabarger followed with eight kills. Giuffre added seven kills and three aces. Corydon missed six serves, but had nine aces. The Lady Panthers finished with 24 errors.

Allen led Crawford with four kills. The Lady Pack missed five serves and only had two aces. Crawford committed 29 errors.

"They picked it up at the end," Trotter said. "We just picked it up too late. It took us too long to regain our confidence. We have all the ability in the world when it comes to our skills and even our fundamentals. It's all a mind and a head game right now."

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