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Lady Pack has easy night

January 14, 2009
Crawford County got to give its bench some extra playing time and work on some problem areas as the Lady Pack cruised to a 66-23 win over visiting Cannelton last Tuesday night.

"When you come into a game like this, and we know their record isn't very good and are somewhat undermanned as far as personnel, it's kind of difficult to come into those kinds of games and have the right kind of competitive attitude that you need to have," Crawford coach Eric Toney said. "I think we were OK in that regard and we were able to play a lot of people."

Crawford County's Larissa Bye, left, tries to strip the ball from Cannelton's Whitney Nugent in the fourth quarter of the Lady Pack's 66-23 win. (Photo by Wade Bell)
"We tried to do some things we've been working on," he said. "Cannelton played all zone, and we pretty much knew they would. We've been working on some little bit different zone offense, which really wasn't designed for the kind of zone Cannelton played. We wanted to kind of work on it and see."

Crawford exploded early, hitting 11 of 15 field goal attempts in the first quarter. Cannelton, on the other hand, connected on just 3 of 11 shot attempts, as the Lady Pack took a 26-9 lead.

The Crawford defense allowed the Lady Bulldogs just four field goal attempts in the second period, but the Lady Pack also saw their own shooting cool off, canning just 4 of 12 attempts.

The Lady Pack took a 37-14 lead to the halftime locker room.

The second half was much of the same, with Crawford holding Cannelton to just nine points on its way to the 66-23 win.

"We did play some different people in different positions to kind of see what they could do," Toney said. "In some cases I think it worked OK and others not so good. You do find out some things based on those combinations. It was a learning experience and I think we probably came out of it to the good."

Chelsea Jellison led Crawford with 23 points, swishing six three-pointers. Chelsea Benham added 17 points for the Lady Pack, who was 26 of 55 (41 percent) from the field and 10 of 14 on free throws. Crawford committed just 13 turnovers.

Sarah Powers led Cannelton with six points. The Lady Bulldogs were 8 of 25 (32 percent) from the field and 4 of 10 from the free-throw line. Cannelton finished with 32 turnovers.

"We're trying to reverse the ball quickly in our zone offense, and I think we did," Toney said. "From that standpoint, that's a good thing in terms of some things we've been doing in the past, but most of our work has been doing some things against teams that try to take away Jellison and Benham. We've spent a lot of time trying to do that. Cannelton did not do that."

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Crawford County's road game against South Central at Elizabeth on Thursday was not as successful as the Lady Pack suffered a 67-60 loss.

Benham led Crawford with 23 points, and Jellison finished with 18.

Shelby Miller had a huge night for South Central, leading her team with 35 points.

The Lady Pack (8-7, 1-1 Patoka Lake Athletic Conference) played at Springs Valley last night (Tuesday).

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