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Library gets new children's books

February 25, 2009
Anyone visiting the children's area of the Crawford County Public Library at English can see something has changed, and that something is new books.

Many of the books that have served the area children so well for so many years have finally been replaced. The old books, many of which are threadbare, many with worn covers, and others that are just plain worn out, have been turned over to the "Friends of the Library" and likely will be sold at a book sale sometime in the near future.

The new books, all chosen by Catherine Ramsey, library director, have already been placed on the shelves and are available to be checked out or read at the library.

"I have five publishing companies that I chose books from," Ramsey said. "The publishers have a preview program. I choose what I want and send back the rest. I read every book that I order for the library, even the books for children. I choose books that promote parent interaction, to help parents, and children, have more fun with beginning reading. I choose books on global issues and even food technology, which is important now. It's bad when your child can't even eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in this country."

Ramsey, who is a retired reading specialist and is certified to teach gifted and talented children, said she feels a certain responsibility to the community to invest in books that encourage children to read and to learn about the world in which they live.

"I take this responsibility serious," Ramsey said. "We have new books about homes around the world. We now live in a global community, and it helps children have compassion about how others live. We have new books on machines, arts, health, music, animals and pets. I chose books on state flags and capitols, state flowers and birds. We have books on Japanese and Mexican families and books for children by children. All children don't learn at the same rate; each child is unique. We have to look at learning with compassion and respect, and allow each child to proceed as they are able."

The new additions at the library include books for children from preschool age to eighth grade. There's still some older, tried and true books that have entertained children for years, including a complete series of "Clifford the Red Dog" books and the Tacky series.

"We also have some new adult books," Ramsey said, "and some with large print. But I'm really thrilled to be able to offer these new experiences to the children of this community. Every child should have a library card. It's like having your first driver's license; you can travel anywhere in a book."

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