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COs nab two men for multiple thefts

May 13, 2009
Two Crawford County men were arrested recently after an extended investigation linked them to multiple thefts in the county.

Police said Kevin Camp, 28, who provided a Temple Road address, and Kenneth Sheckells, 20, of English, were arrested in connection with a break-in at a residence off Magnolia Road, which led police to other incidents where items were believed to be stolen.

Police have been investigating the break-in since December. The residence is used as a weekend home by the owners.

"The house was broken into again on April 28," Dennis Talley, a conservation officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, said. "Tools were taken along with some sleeping bags and other items. Then, the thieves left and went to an address on Bogard Hollow Road, where they tried to steal a flat-bed trailer."

But somehow, as the men were trying to hook the trailer to their truck, the trailer got away from them and rolled over a hill, Talley said.

"Evidently, they were going to use the trailer to steal a tractor," Talley added. "When they determined that they couldn't get a trailer, they returned to the house on Magnolia Road and stole a Kubota four-wheel-drive tractor with a front-end loader. They had no way to haul it, so one of them drove the tractor and, using backroads, took it to 4800 Temple Road near Marengo."

The tractor was valued at about $17,000, Talley said.

"Crawford County sheriff deputies Jeff Howell, Debbie Young and myself have been working on this for a while," Talley said. "There was actually some video footage from a surveillance camera at the Magnolia Road residence, and Camp was our prime suspect. Deputy Shawn Scott also helped with the case."

When Talley, assisted by Conservation Officer Neil Brewington, went to the Temple Road address, they found Camp sitting in his truck and placed him under arrest. They determined Camp had been living in a camper trailer on the property and soon discovered the camper also had been stolen.

"The camper had been sitting in 'old town' Leavenworth," Talley said. "There was an attached screened-in porch, and utilities were hooked up to it. But Camp evidently just hooked his truck up to it and drove away. The ball on the hitch of his truck was the wrong size, but he somehow made it to Temple Road without killing someone on the highway. He then just moved in and started living in it."

When police searched the camper, they found methamphetamine, along with iodine and rock salt, items used to make the drug, Talley said.

"We also recovered property in the camper that didn't belong to any of the victims," Talley said. "And the owners of the camper, who live in Lanesville, were unaware that the camper was missing. We actually recovered it before it was reported stolen."

Camp was arrested May 1, and Sheckells turned himself in at the Crawford County Jail May 8. Camp faces up to eight felony charges, and Sheckells faces four.

"There may be more victims and charges," Talley said. "The case is still under investigation."

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