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Georgetown sewer system on track

February 03, 2010
There should be no more stumbling blocks for a new wastewater treatment plant the town of Georgetown hopes to build this year.

After years of fighting opponents to the original site the town purchased east of town for the plant and overcoming funding issues and zoning changes, things are looking up for the construction of the proposed plant. A groundbreaking date for the project should be announced soon.

D.A. Andrews, attorney for the town, said most problems have been addressed and the town could be looking at a completed plant within the next year.

"We're continuing to tie up loose ends and take care of small details, but we're getting there," he said. "The landowner has pursued a voluntary annexation petition, and that could be adopted during the next town board meeting. Of course, there will be a remonstrance period, but we have zoning approval and we're real close to a notice to commence."

The first part of the project will be for contractors to work on grade issues with the roadway, to make it safer for trucks and to construct a suitable road to the plant site.

"Repairs to the infrastructure is the first order of business," Andrews said. "We'll also have a contractor prepping and compacting the actual plant site. And there's really two projects involved. One will be to bring the present sewer pipes to the plant site, where they will be attached to the plant, and the second project will be the wastewater plant itself."

Georgetown received a $3.5 million federal stimulus grant to build the plant and was able to get necessary zoning for the site, located on the western fringes of the town behind Georgetown Truss Co.

The town has attempted to build a plant before, but each time it took a step forward on the project, it was pushed back two steps, either by the county's zoning denial, failed annexation attempts or opposition from residents from nearby Edwardsville who protested the location of the proposed plant.

"We're well on our way to building a wastewater treatment plant," Andrews said. "When you are getting federal funds for a project like this, you also have federal compliance issues that have to be addressed.

"But if everything goes well and is on the up and up, we may be looking at a groundbreaking, complete with a public gathering at the site, in April or May. We plan to make some public announcements and press releases around Feb. 11."

"It's actually a relief to see it come this far finally," Kim Sweet, Georgetown deputy clerk-treasurer, said.

"I've been working here over seven years, and the town has been working on this the entire time I've worked here. I think we're about to get there."

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