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Thinking about snow, stimulus and more

February 17, 2010
Look at it this way: Things could have been much worse last week.

Just look east, to Washington, D.C., where they've likely lost count of the amount of snow they've received. OK, they're not to that point, but they have had it far, far worse than us. Our snowfall is the Blue River while theirs is the mighty Mississippi.

However, after seeing the white stuff pile up, my question is this: If global warming is supposed to turn the earth into a wasteland (at least according to the apocalyptic documentaries on the History and Discovery channels), how can it also be responsible for the large snowfalls, as the so-called experts told us last week?

It appears as if the "results" of man-made global warming — not the temperature — are really what change. It's kind of like the game show "Jeopardy," where you ask the question only after being given the answer.


Let's hope that Toyota can rebound from the gas pedal recall, as the region has a huge economic stake in the company's success.

The company, which has two plants in Indiana, including at Princeton, and one in Kentucky, employs more than 13,000 workers in the two states. Indiana, because of its reliance on manufacturing jobs, has already been hit hard by the recession.

Last Wednesday, Gov. Mitch Daniels joined his counterparts in Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama — all states with Toyota manufacturing plants — in writing a letter requesting that the federal government treat the automaker fairly.

The governors say that's not happening right now and point out that the federal government has "an obvious conflict of interest" because of its bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.

Since we're dealing with a safety issue, it's difficult to say if Toyota is being treated unfairly. Those who own Toyotas are just concerned with making sure the gas pedal problem is resolved. However, the scare has given other automakers the opportunity to try to woo existing Toyota owners.


Exactly how scared is the left of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin? They give the president a pass when, despite his reliance on a TelePrompTer, he mispronounces the word "corpsman" not once, but three times in a speech, but ridicule Palin for writing a crude speech outline on the palm of her hand.

It's one thing for those in the fever swamp to take the opportunity to take a jab at the former Republican vice presidential candidate, but it's just childish for the White House press secretary to do so during his daily briefing. Wasn't the message out of Washington last week about bipartisanship?


A Polk County, Fla., school district is spending some $350,000 of federal stimulus money to bribe parents of students with disabilities to complete a survey to determine how to get parents more involved in their children's education.

The district is giving parents iPods if they fill out the 10-minute survey.

How does this constitute economic stimulus? Apple doesn't even manufacture the iPod in the United States.

The federal government should not be purchasing iPods for people, especially on the backs of taxpayers or by increasing the national debt, which will continue to devalue the dollar.

I like my iPod as much as the next guy, but an MP3 player is not an entitlement.

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