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CC, NH juggle year-end calendar

February 24, 2010
The snow and ice that has been on the ground and roads almost constantly for the last three weeks has closed schools for several days. And even though most students have enjoyed the unexpected break from classes, payback often can mean more school days at the end of the semester.

But this year, if all goes well, graduation may still take place as planned and students probably will start their summer break pretty much on schedule.

"Just looking at our calendar, it looks like things will work out pretty good," Dr. Mark Eastridge, Crawford County Community School Corp. superintendent, said. "Even though we've canceled classes several days, we still have some days we can use to make those up. We can use April 23 and 30 as makeup days, as well as May 7 and 14. That will leave us five more to make up.

"Actually, we had the last day of school scheduled for May 21, but, if we can hold classes on May 24, 25, 26 and 27, we may still have our graduation on Friday, May 28, but it's still too early to predict."

One thing that will have to be figured in is the ISTEP testing schedule. If the state pushes back the date for testing, it could change the timing for the schools and the makeup days.

"That's a big concern right now," Eastridge said. "We'll just have to wait and see what the state does and make our plans accordingly. We lost nine days, and we'll never get those made up and be prepared for the tests prior to the testing time as it now stands. And if we have just one more snow day, we may talk to the ministers' association about having classes on Good Friday."

In Indiana, both home schools and public school systems are required to hold classes 180 days per school year.

"The weather will have a large impact on what we do from here on out," Eastridge said. "But we really want our students to graduate on time, and we'll continue to work toward that goal."

North Harrison is facing similar decisions, and Superintendent John Roeder said the school's graduation will be moved slightly, but everything still depends on the weather.

"We've already used two of our make-up days," Roeder said. "And we now have eight snow days. We have four more built-in makeup days on the calendar: April 2 and 30 and May 7 and 28. That will leave us with two, so we'll probably have to add two days on the end of our school year."

Roeder said that the last day of school at North Harrison was to be May 27, but it could be put off until June 2.

"We have a teachers in-service day on May 28, so we can use that day as a make-up day," Roeder said. "And we were hoping to have graduation on May 25, but, as it stands right now, that may be moved to June 5. We're not sure of the graduation date yet, but that's what we're looking at. We'll need a couple of weeks more to really feel it out and see what's going to happen. We can miss one more day and still make the June 5 graduation date. We'll just have to see what the weather does."

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