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May Primary Election races set

February 24, 2010
Candidates for the Primary Election this spring had until Friday to file an application to be included on the ballot. Several county offices are up for grabs, although several are being sought by incumbents.

Crawford County:


Kenneth Lynn Lopp, Circuit Court Judge (incumbent)

Cheryl J. Hillenburg, Prosecutor (incumbent)

Edna M. Brown, Clerk

Ricki L. Hawkins, Auditor

Charla Dawn Wright, Recorder (incumbent)

Tamala G. Proctor, Assessor (incumbent)

Larry G. Bye, District 1 Commissioner (incumbent)

James E. Spurling Sr., District 1 Commissioner

Larry (Moose) Allen, Sheriff

Kenny Sturgeon, Sheriff

James P. Fraze, Sheriff

William V. Voyles, Sheriff

Joey L. Robinson, District 1 Council (incumbent)

James (Jim) Taylor, District 2 Council (incumbent)

Bob Kellems, District 3 Council (incumbent)

Richard Brown, Trustee, Liberty Township

Jill A. Walker, Trustee, Jennings Township

Ronald Spencer, Trustee, Whiskey Run Township

Russell Newkirk, Trustee, Sterling Township

Mary McLain Qualters, Trustee, Patoka Township

John (Geff) Proctor, Trustee, Union Township

Debby Broughton, Township Board, Jennings Township

Alfred Cummings, Township Board, Jennings Township

Daniel House, Township Board, Jennings Township

Larry Archibald, Township Board, Whiskey Run Township

Bobby L. Crecelius, Township Board, Whiskey Run Township

Terry L. Jones, Township Board, Whiskey Run Township

Donald G. Lynton, Township Board, Liberty Township

Bev Archibald, Township Board, Sterling Township

Leann M. Bertram, Township Board, Sterling Township

Lisa M. Riddle, Township Board, Sterling Township

Eddie Huff, Township Board, Patoka Township

George Thomas Leonard, Township Board, Patoka Township

Angela C. Thompson, Township Board, Patoka Township

Jerry Brewer, Precinct Committee, Liberty 1

Debra Montgomery, Precinct Committee, Patoka 1


Lester Shelton, Prosecutor

Thomas (Buck) Atwood Jr., Auditor

Megan A. Faith, Clerk

Daniel Crecelius, District 1 Commissioner

Tim Wilkerson, Sheriff (incumbent)

Matthew Lynn Faith, Sheriff

Stephen R. Bartels, District 3 Council

Sharon Wilson, District 4 Council (incumbent)

Patricia Ramsey, Township Trustee, Jennings Township

Helen Louise Wright, Township Trustee, Johnson Township

Mae Parr, Township Trustee, Boone Township

Gary D. Wiseman, Township Trustee, Ohio Township

Thomas Wright, Township Board, Johnson 1 Township

Charlotte Wright, Township Board, Johnson 1 Township

Gary Main Jr., Township Board, Liberty 2 Township

Patricia Beasley, Township Board, Jennings Township

Robert Breeden, Township Board, Ohio Township

James M. Lutz, Township Board, Ohio Township

Darrell Sprinkle, Township Board, Ohio Township

Phylis Goldman, Township Board, Jennings Township

Diana Main, Township Board, Liberty 2 Township

Scott E. Sickbert, Township Board, Johnson Township

Patricia Shelton, Township Board, Boone Township

Virginia A. Hunter, Township Board, Boone Township

Rhonda Hollcroft, Township Board, Boone Township

Roscoe Hooten, Precinct Committee, Liberty 2

School Board:

Lucas L. Stroud, District 1 (incumbent)

Shawn Scott, District 2

Donald Benz, District 2 (incumbent)

Michael Carlisle Sr., District 2

Evelyn Tolbert, District 3

Traci Eastridge Kerns, District 3

Myrna Sanders, District 4 (incumbent)

Floyd County (main positions and those within the Clarion News' coverage area):


J. Terrence Cody, Circuit Court Judge (incumbent)

Linda S. Moeller, Circuit Court Clerk (incumbent)

Mary Lou Byerly, Auditor

Darrell Mills, Sheriff (incumbent)

Patricia (Trish) Badger-Byrd, Assessor

Chuck Simons, Assessor

Paul Kraft Jr., District 1 Commissioner

Tom Pickett, District 1 Council (incumbent)

Jim Freiberger, District 2 Council

Kevin R. Evans, District 3 Council

Thomas Lenfert, District 4 Council

Dan Voyles, District 4 Council

Ernest Mayfield Jr., Trustee, Franklin Township

Randy Hubert, Township Board, Franklin Township

Hazel Riley, Township Board, Franklin Township

Dennis O. Roudenbush, Trustee, Georgetown Township

Greg Balmer, Township Board, Georgetown Township

Billy Haller, Township Board, Georgetown Township

Matt Mills, Township Board, Georgetown Township

Dave Watson, Township Board, Georgetown Township

Hilda Gibson, Trustee, Greenville Township (incumbent)

Jeanette Seewer, Township Board, Greenville Township

Evans J. Freiberger, Trustee, Lafayette Township (incumbent)

Priscilla Meek, Township Board, Lafayette Township (incumbent)

Carl Schindler, Township Board, Lafayette Township (incumbent)

Charles Zipp, Township Board, Lafayette Township (incumbent)

School Board:

Don Sakel, District 1

Roger E. Whaley, District 1

David J. (D.J.) Hines, District 2

Jan Habermel Anderson, At-Large

Mark Boone, At-Large

K. Lee Cotner, At-Large

James M. Dailey, At-Large

Cheryl Matthews, At-Large

Eric C. Minzenberger, At-Large

Tonye A. Rutherford, At-Large

Dan Williamson, At-Large


Keith Henderson, Prosecutor (incumbent)

Darin Coddington, Auditor

D. Mark Seabrook, District 1 Commissioner (incumbent)

Jason Higdon, District 1 Council (incumbent)

Dana Fendley, District 2 Council

Daniel (Danny) Short, District 2 Council (incumbent)

Lana Aebersold, District 3 Council (incumbent)

John J. Schellenberger, District 4 Council (incumbent)

Frank Loop, Trustee, Greenville Township

Patty Nelson, Township Board, Greenville Township (incumbent)

Harrison County:


Ronald W. Simpson, Circuit Court Judge

Dennis Byrd, Prosecutor (incumbent)

Heather Metcalf, Auditor

Darrin Deatrick, Auditor

Carol Hauswald, Treasurer (incumbent)

Eric Fischer, Sheriff

Brad Shepherd, Sheriff

Gary Gilley, Sheriff

Rick Minton, Sheriff

Marty McClanahan, Sheriff

Roy Wiseman, Sheriff

Jim Slucher, Sheriff

Lorena (Rena) Stepro, Assessor (incumbent)

Terry Miller, District 3 Commissioner (incumbent)

Joyce Deatrick, District 3 Commissioner

Leslie Robertson, District 1 Council (incumbent)

William (Bill) Nichols, District 2 Council (incumbent)

Robert H. Morris, District 2 Council

Gordon Pendleton, District 3 Council (incumbent)

Andrew Eschbacher, District 4 Council

Jill Beyerle, Township Trustee, Blue River (incumbent)

Jackie Bosler, Township Board, Blue River (incumbent)

Imogene Berkenmeyer, Township Board, Blue River (incumbent)

Bill Lyskowinski, Township Trustee, Franklin (incumbent)

Harold Scott, Township Board, Franklin (incumbent)

William Hussung, Township Board, Franklin (incumbent)

Dale (Chip) White, Township Board, Franklin (incumbent)

Cecil Trobaugh, Trustee, Harrison Township (incumbent)

Geneva Sams, Township Board, Harrison (incumbent)

Chuck Schroeder, Township Board, Harrison

Kandie Stiner Wise, Township Board, Harrison

Betty Jenkins, Township Board, Heth (incumbent)

Joseph Martin, Township Trustee, Jackson (incumbent)

Richard Schroeder, Township Board, Jackson

Michael Schroeder, Township Board, Jackson

R. Brooks Richards, Township Board, Jackson

Frederick (Fred) Naegele, Township Board, Jackson

Fred Uhl, Township Trustee, Morgan (incumbent)

Larry Buechler, Township Board, Morgan (incumbent)

Kenneth Jacobi, Township Board, Morgan (incumbent)

Danny Schroeder, Township Board, Morgan

Steven E. Smith, Township Trustte, Posey (incumbent)

Chris Cunningham, Township Board, Posey (incumbent)

Matt Miller, Township Board, Posey (incumbent)

Keith Sallee, Township Board, Posey (incumbent)

Donald Satterfield, Township Trustee, Spencer (incumbent)

Edward Sieg, Township Board, Spencer (incumbent)

Robert (Bob) Smith, Township Board, Spencer (incumbent)

Kenneth Flock, Township Board, Spencer (incumbent)

Wayne Gettelfinger, Township Trustee, Taylor (incumbent)

Donald Stewart, Township Board, Taylor (incumbent)

Emmitt Gene Stewart, Township Board, Taylor (incumbent)

Kathy Ragains, Township Trustee, Washington (incumbent)

Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, Township Trustee, Webster (incumbent)

Daniel McPhillips, Township Board, Webster (incumbent)

Scott Hussung, Township Board, Webster (incumbent)

Matthew Miller, Township Board, Webster

Wendell (Scott) Weis, Township Board, Webster


John T. Evans, Circuit Court Judge

J. Otto Schalk, Prosecutor

Karen Engleman, Auditor

Teresa Sutton, Treasurer

Rodney Seelye, Sheriff

Michael Gregory, Sheriff

Tom Bube, Sheriff

Jim Klinstiver, District 3 Commissioner

Phil Smith, District 1 Council

Marion Wallace, District 2 Council

Tom Wallace, District 2 Council

Gary Davis, District 2 Council

Jeremy Shireman, District 3 Council

Ralph Sherman, District 4 Council (incumbent)

Fred Churchill, Township Board, Blue River (incumbent)

Linda King, Township Trustee, Boone (incumbent)

Clyde Ferree, Township Board, Boone (incumbent)

Debra Dones, Township Board, Boone (incumbent)

Kevin Crosier, Township Board, Boone

Maurice Fisher, Township Board, Harrison (incumbent)

Lester Rhoads, Township Board, Harrison (incumbent)

Teresa Eschbacher, Township Trustee, Heth (incumbent)

Gerald Jacobs, Township Board, Heth (incumbent)

Kevin Messick, Township Board, Jackson

Gary Vaught, Township Board, Morgan

Brian Tincher, Township Board, Morgan

Pam Wate, Township Board, Taylor

Stephanie Bliss, Township Board, Washington (incumbent)

Joey Rosbottom, Township Board, Webster

Oren (Chum) Chumley, Township Board, Webster

Lanesville School Board

Donald Hussung (incumbent)

Ronald Wolfe (incumbent)

North Harrison School Board (Jackson Township)

Karl Benz

Marla Adams

Jason Seitz

North Harrison School Board (Spencer Township)

Kyle Byrne

Steve Hanger

Bruce Fisher

George W. (Butch) Black

North Harrison School Board (at large)

Gary Byrne (incumbent)

Veronica (Sieg) Battista

Daniel (Danny) Johnson

State Offices:

Ryan Bower and Doug Leatherbury, both Democrats, will face each other in the primary for the District 73 state representative seat as will Republicans Steve Davisson and Hank Taylor. Rep. Dennie Oxley I did not file for re-election by Friday's deadline.

District 70 Rep. Paul J. Robertson, the incumbent, will not have a challenger in the Democratic Primary. Brett Loyd and Rhonda J. Rhoads will face each other in the GOP Primary.

District 72 Rep. Edward D. (Ed) Clere, a Democrat, doesn't have a challenger in the Primary. Neither does Republican Shane Gibson.

In the District 46 senate race, Charles (Chuck) Freiber is unopposed in the Democratic Primary, while Ron Grooms and Lee Ann Wiseheart will oppose each other on the Republican side.

District 47 Sen. Richard D. Young will not have a challenger in the Democratic Primary. Ted Metzger has filed to run in the Republican Primary.

Federal Offices:

Incumbent Indiana Ninth District Congressman Baron Hill will face four challengers in the Democratic Primary: John R. Bottorff, Carol Johnson-Smith, James R. McClure Jr. and Lendall B. Terry.

On the Republican side, former Congressman Mike Sodrel will compete in a four-person Primary that will include Travis Hankins, Rick Warren and Todd Young.

With Sen. Evan Bayh choosing not to run for a third term, the Democratic Primary will not have a candidate. State party leaders will select a candidate. The Republican field, however, has five candidates: former Sen. Dan Coats, former Congressman John Hostettler, Marlin Stutzman, Don Bates Jr. and Richard Behney.

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