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Hill: Work remains, but nation's economy headed 'on right track'

September 01, 2010
Indiana Ninth District Congressman Baron Hill has put hundreds of miles on his tennis shoes the last few weeks, walking across the Ninth District and making stops along the way to talk to constituents.

Last week, on his way to New Salisbury, he stopped in Corydon.

Hill indicated that the most important issues during this election year are jobs and the economy.

"Just two years ago, we were looking at a depression," Hill said. "But due to the stimulus package, cash for clunkers and other programs, we were able to prevent a depression from happening. We still have a lot of work to do, but I feel we're on the right track."

In several reports in recent weeks, it has been said that many large corporations are sitting on huge reserves of cash, not spending or hiring. Hill was asked if that could be contributing to the high unemployment rate the country is experiencing.

"I believe so, if there are those who are holding on to large sums of money," he said. "If that money was put back into circulation, I'm sure it would have a positive effect on the economy. There are tax credits for those like large manufacturing companies to encourage them to invest in additional employment and other investments. So, there are advantages for them to use those funds."

Hill also spent some time talking about PAYGO, one of his favorite subjects and a plan that he has been working on in Washington. PAYGO is the practice of financing expenditures with funds that are currently available rather than borrowed. Under PAYGO rules, a new proposal must be either budget neutral or offset with savings derived from existing funds.

"Back in the 1990s, PAYGO resulted in a surplus in 1999-2000," Hill said. "We want to do that all over again. I want it to go back as law. I'm proud of that legislation because it's what we need to get the fiscal house in order. All the Blue Dog Democrats co-sponsored the legislation. Not one of them failed to support it. We've worked on health care, financial reform, the stimulus package, PAYGO and even an energy policy. We need a bill to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Indiana is a coal state, but even Duke Energy would support such a plan. We have to move toward alternative energy sources like wind and solar. And even allowing the burning of garbage in landfills would help. It can be done now without pollution."

When asked about his opinion on Social Security, Hill said he believed that Social Security needs to be fixed.

"A commission has been formed by the president to work on issues like Social Security," he said. "The program needs to be fixed, to be shored up. I'm opposed to any kind of privatization. But there's a cap on what income is required to contribute to Social Security, and I believe that cap needs to be increased. I've been hearing that the commission members are working together well, so I'm hopeful something good will come of it. I would not want to cut benefits and, as long as I'm in office, I will oppose any kind of privatization of Social Security.

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    I think he must have been in a think tank with Pelosi and Reid
    September 02, 2010 | 06:23 PM

    He must go/////////

    l funk
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