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Crawford County Republican Party chair Pat Ramsey, above left, and Arleen Hillenburg, mother of Crawford County Prosecutor Cheryl Hillenburg, talk with voters outside the polls at Leavenworth Elementary School on election day. Ramsey also was running for township trustee. Photo by Lee Cable

Energy high, turnout mixed

November 10, 2010
This year's mid-term election had all the trappings, energy and excitement normally found only in a year when a president is being chosen. But that interest didn't necessarily mean there were significantly more votes cast at the polls.

Crawford County had a little less than half of its registered voters show up at the polls Nov. 2. According to Matthew Montgomery, election officer in the clerk's office, there was a 44-percent voter turnout in Crawford County. There were 601 (47.85 percent) straight Democrat ballots cast at the polls and 621 (49.44 percent) straight Republican ballots cast. There were also 34 (2.71 percent) Libertarian ballots. The total number of ballots cast in the county was 4,152 out of 9,389 registered voters.

In the 2006 mid-term election in Crawford County, there were 8,071 registered voters and 4,135 ballots were cast for a total of 51 percent.

During 2008, a presidential election year, there were 9,080 registered voters in the county. In the primary that year, there were 3,649 votes (41.2 percent) cast. In the general election in November 2008, there were 3,524 votes cast (38.8 percent).

In Harrison County, with 29,609 registered voters, there were 15,137 ballots cast (51 percent) in the fall election. Of those, 1,913 ballots were absentee voters and 25 were provisional.

"That means 13,199 voters went to the polls last Tuesday," said Sherry Brown, Harrison County clerk. "We have received a few ballots in the mail since Tuesday. Unfortunately, none of them were military, so they won't count."

Anyone who voted provisionally had until noon Friday to go to the clerk's office with a valid photo ID.

"We actually had a higher turnout than usual for a non-presidential election year," Brown said.

"Normal for a mid-term election is only about 30 percent."

In Floyd County, there were 26,316 ballots cast in this election out of a total of 54,308 registered voters (48.4 percent). There were 4,954 (42.45 percent) Democrat straight party ballots cast. There were 6,604 (56.59 percent) Republican straight party votes and 112 (0.96 percent) Libertarian ballots cast.

In the Floyd County May primary, there were only 9,829 ballots cast in the county and voter turnout was 18.1 percent. In the November 2008 election, with 57,614 registered voters, there were 37,254 ballots cast — a 64.66-percent turnout. This year there were 6,576 (49.4 percent) straight Democrat ballots cast, 6,562 (49.29 percent) straight Republican ballots and 175 (1.31 percent) Libertarian.

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