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Late February fury

March 02, 2011
Storms with highs winds and heavy rain hit the area early Monday morning damaging homes in Dubois and Clark counties and causing power outages in some areas, including parts of Crawford County.

Crawford County schools were on a two-hour delay because the storm knocked out power to the school. Just down the road, near the Catholic church, power lines were down on the road and traffic was stopped until utility workers could make repairs.

"It started out with a large rock on the road this morning along S.R. 62," said Lt. Debra Young of the Crawford County Sheriff's Department. "Then the power lines were down by the Catholic church. We stopped traffic at the high school because that's the only place close that tractor and trailers can be turned around. We had planned to divert traffic on other roads but a tree was blown down on Whiskey Run and that called for a change of plans. We just had to hold traffic for a while until the workers could get the wires cleaned up, and that didn't set well with some people. One person really gave me a hard time, as if it were all my fault. But he apologized later."

After the two-hour delay, most buses ran their usual routes. But after they dropped off the students at the high school, the utility workers had to shut down the power again, leaving much of the building in darkness and the students gathered in the cafeteria for a while. But once power was restored, classes resumed.

According to Richard White, E-911 director, there were few storm-related problems in Crawford County other than the power outage along S.R. 66.

"We had some high winds and heavy rains, but everything seems to be going well," White said. "There were no reports of flooding or major wind damage, but Kent Barrow (Crawford County EMA director) had to take a large generator to Oakland City due to storm damage."

The National Weather Service sent out teams to evaluate storm damage in some nearby counties, including Dubois, to see if there were actual tornado touchdowns.

According to some reports, there were several homes destroyed in Dubois County along a section of Celestine Road and a few families were evacuated. Wind speeds at the Huntingburg airport were measured at 99 mph while the storm was passing through the area about 3:30 a.m.

A few homes in the High Meadows subdivision in Clark County were also damaged by the line of storms with winds measured at between 70 and 80 mph.

The storm dropped from 1 to 1-1/2 inches of rain in the area as of press time Monday.

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