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Groups work to keep G'town highways clean

November 02, 2011
Three groups in the Georgetown-Edwardsville area have adopted an eight-mile section of highway and are working together to keep the road clean and trash-free.

The Georgetown Lions Club, Floyd Central Thriftway and MainSource Bank have taken on the job of keeping S.R. 62 clean from its intersection with S.R. 11 to Edwardsville and S.R. 64 from Edwardsville to County Line Road on the west side of Georgetown.

Dennis Roudenbush, who is a Lions Club member and manager of Floyd Central Thriftway, said the group has already cleaned up tons of trash from the section of road.

"We've picked up chairs, lumber and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've hauled away," he said. "Plus, we picked up 75 bags of stuff the last time we did a clean-up.

"We've broken it up in sections. On S.R. 62, from the intersection with S.R. 11 to the last median on S.R. 64, is cleaned up by the Floyd Central Thriftway. The section from there to Henriot Road in Georgetown is cleaned up by MainSource Bank. From Henriot Road to County Line Road, the trash is picked up by the Georgetown Lions Club.

"It's amazing how much better the roadsides look without all the trash."

The groups plan to coordinate a clean-up at least four times a year.

"The state is working with me really well on the project," said Roudenbush, who also serves as Georgetown Township trustee. "They come in and cut the grass on the roadsides after we clean up the trash. Usually, we'll do a clean-up over the weekend and then the state will mow on the following Monday."

Roudenbush said the volunteers who help with the clean-up benefit from the work, as well.

"The people who volunteer to help become more aware of their environment," he said. "They're really aware of how much better it looks when the trash is gone. I wish the entire county would get these programs going. It really makes a difference in how your community looks."

The groups' next clean-up is planned for the first or second week of November.

"After that, we'll stop until early spring," Roudenbush said. "We'll start again in March or April, depending on the weather.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can contact Roudenbush or MainSource Bank in Georgetown.

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