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Changes at G'town, Marengo

November 16, 2011
Last Tuesday's elections brought major changes in certain municipalities and little to no changes in others.


In Georgetown, there will be only one familiar face on the town council as most incumbents and former town board members, vying to get their seats back, were rejected.

The incumbent, Democrat Mike Mills, and newcomer Jerry Brock, also a Democrat, took the two at-large seats, defeating incumbent Republican Karla Perkins and former board member Republican M. Dean Hammersmith.

In the District 1 council race, Democrat James Tripure Jr. took the seat with 272 votes over former town council member Gary Smith's 221 votes. Smith is a Republican.

Incumbent Billy Stewart, who, along with Karla Perkins, made the switch from the Democrat party to the Republican party this year, was defeated by Democrat Kathy Haller by a 274-227 spread for the District 3 seat.

"One of our board members decided not to run this time around," he said, "and one was beat in the caucus. And I'm just not sure what happened with the other two. They both switched parties this time and that could have cost them the election. Or it could have been that they just followed some bad advice, but who knows.

"I know all the newcomers, and one of them served on the board several years ago, but I think they will be good board members and I'm looking forward to working with them. We'll be getting together in the coming weeks and do some thinking out loud and consider where we go from here."

In the race for clerk-treasurer, incumbent Democrat Doug Cook fought off a challenge by Republican Chris Loop with a 257-242 vote count.


In Milltown, all three incumbents beat back challenges and retained their town council seats.

Monte Garrett led with 141 votes, or 22 percent of the ballots cast, followed by fellow Republican Anna Jean (Jeanie) Melton with 133 votes (21 percent). Democrat Curt Hudson garnered 18 percent of the votes, receiving 113.


In Marengo, Democrat Glen Laws, a newcomer, received more votes than any of the other three candidates vying for the three available town council seats.

When the final count was announced, Laws came away with 122 votes. Michael Haverstock, a Republican who currently is the town's clerk-treasurer, received 92 votes to seal his council seat. The third candidate to win a seat on the council was Peggy Bullington, who ran as an Independent, with 88 votes. Incumbent Tonia Jones Elliott fell short in her re-election bid.

Tony Jones, who currently is a council member, ran unopposed for the clerk-treasurer's position and received 110 votes.

When asked about Law's success at getting the high vote count, Bullington, a veteran officeholder in the county, said she was as surprised as anyone.

"We all have to give him credit," she said. "He may be new at it, but he got out and worked hard. And a lot of people saw him out knocking on doors. And on election day, he was at the polling place all day, talking to people. He ran a good campaign."

Bullington, who served as county clerk and auditor for years, said she still has things to learn because she's never served on a town board before.

"I'll have to see the town's budget and see what's going on," she said. "The town's finances will be a lot different than the county's, but I've already asked for help from some who know what they're doing, and I'll try to do the best I can. I'm certainly open to advice."


In Palmyra, incumbent Tiffany Cardwell beat Tiffany Smith for the clerk-treasurer position. Cardwell received 123 votes (61 percent), and Smith received 80 votes (39 percent).

Incumbent Virginia Kirkham received more votes than any other candidate in the town council race (124 votes), and her fellow incumbents, Alvin Brown and Paul Eveslage, fended off challengers and retained their seats on the council with 116 and 90 votes, respectively.

All Palmyra candidates were non-partisan.

Georgetown Town Council

District 1

James Tripure Jr. (D), 272 votes (55 percent)

Gary Smith (R), 221 votes (45 percent)

District 3

Kathy Haller (D), 274 votes (55 percent)

Billy Stewart (R), 227 votes (45 percent)

At-Large (Two Elected)

Jerry Brock (D), 281 votes (30 percent)

Mike Mills (D), 250 votes (27 percent)

Karla Perkins (R), 206 votes (22 percent)

M. Dean Hammersmith (R) 197 votes (21 percent)

Georgetown Clerk-Treasurer

Douglas Cook (D), 257 votes (51 percent)

Chris Loop (R), 242 votes (49 percent)

Marengo Town Council

Glen H. Laws (D), 122 votes (34 percent)

Michael Haverstock (R), 92 votes (25 percent)

Peggy Bullington (I), 88 votes (24 percent)

Tonia Elliott (I), 60 votes (17 percent)

Milltown Town Council

Monte Garrett (R), 141 votes (22 percent)

Anna Jean (Jeanie) Melton (R), 133 votes (21 percent)

Curt Hudson (D), 113 votes (18 percent)

Ryan Hunter (R), 91 votes (14 percent)

Bill Terry Jr. (I) 85 votes (13 percent)

Kevin Goss (D), 44 votes (7 percent)

Orville Lewis (D) 28 votes (5 percent)

Palmyra Town Council

Virginia Kirkham, 124 votes (20 percent)

Alvin Brown, 116 votes (19 percent)

Paul Eveslage, 90 votes (15 percent)

Carol Rowe, 89 votes (15 percent)

Joe Robbeloth, 88 votes (15 percent)

Roy McClanahan, 65 votes (11 percent)

Rex Frederick, 28 votes (5 percent)

Palmyra Clerk-Treasurer

Tiffany Cardwell, 123 votes (61 percent)

Tiffany Smith, 80 votes (39 percent)

Greenville Town Council

District 1

Darryl Kepley (D), 92 votes (50.3 percent)

Randal Johnes (R), 91 votes (49.7 percent)

District 2

T. Richardson (R), 96 votes (53 percent)

Barry Ginkins (D), 85 votes (47 percent)

District 3

Gregory Redden (R), 93 votes (52 percent)

Jim Pearce (D), 87 votes (48 percent)

Greenville Clerk-Treasurer

Jack Travillian (R), 100 votes (56 percent)

David Moore (D), 79 votes (44 percent)

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