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L'worth man gets 24-year prison term

November 16, 2011
A Crawford County man with a lengthy criminal history has been sentenced to 24 years in prison on several felony charges.

Charles W. Hall, 36, of Leavenworth, was arrested after being pursued by police in a chase that reached speeds of up to 100 mph on April 5.

Hall, whose driver's license had been suspended for life, and an accomplice were witnessed buying precursors (pseudoephedrine) at the CVS pharmacy in English. They then left the area in a blue automobile driven by Hall.

The two were seen later that day at the One-Stop in Marengo and, when they left in the same blue automobile, Hall was again the driver. Minutes later, when a Crawford County sheriff's deputy attempted to pull the car over due to a traffic violation, Hall sped off, driving south on S.R. 66 out of Marengo. The car, traveling at times 100 mph, was seen weaving in and out of traffic and passing other south-bound vehicles, barely avoiding at least one head-on collision. Police followed the vehicle as it turned onto Indian Ridge Road and then Fredonia Road, passing other vehicles in a reckless manner.

Officers lost sight of the vehicle in the Fredonia area and, after a search, saw fresh tire tracks across a yard along Alton Road. The blue car was then discovered parked about 300 feet off the roadway. When officers approached the car, it was unoccupied.

Police K-9 Jenny was deployed and a track was followed for a distance but the search was terminated when the scent was lost. When officers searched the blue automobile, a working one-pot meth lab was discovered inside the car, along with paraphernalia, including scales with a white-powder residue, spoons, cotton swabs and plastic tubing. When Indiana State Police officers with the Methamphetamine Suppression Unit arrived, an odor was detected coming from the trunk, and officers discovered other active and working precursors located in a green duffel bag.

Hall was later located and arrested by police. He was charged with dealing meth, a Class B felony; possession of meth, a Class D felony; possession of precursors, a Class D felony; operating a vehicle after a lifetime suspension, a Class C felony; and resisting law enforcement, a Class D felony.

A pre-sentence investigation report indicated that Hall had a lengthy criminal record that included, but was not limited to, eight different driving offenses, four of which involved fleeing law enforcement, and 10 different substance-abuse offenses.

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