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Crawford grapplers fall to Tell City

January 18, 2012
The Crawford County Wolfpack were hoping for a good night in their only home match of the season against visiting Tell City last Tuesday night. The night, however, didn't go as well as hoped as they suffered an 18-52 loss to the Marksmen.

Crawford County’s Andy Patton (top) and Tell City’s Travis Brinkneader grapple their way into the second period before Patton made the pin to win the match. Photo by Wade Bell
"Through attrition we only had four guys return from last year's team," Crawford County coach Jimmy Ward said. "We've had a lot of problems with kids quitting, so we haven't been able to pick up a lot of experience. Shane (Gabbard), Dale (France) and Austin Newton and Austin Key, we had (those) four kids return, and they've wrestled one year."

Of the three wins Crawford County had on the night, two of those were by forfeit, with Kirk France and Gabbard getting automatic wins. Andy Patton got the other win, pinning Travis Brinkneader in the second of three periods.

"I wish we could have won more actual matches," Ward said. "We only won the one, but I think Shane and Kirk getting forfeits, they're two of our better wrestlers, they just happened to draw forfeits."

"Andy Patton, at 120 pounds, is our strongest kid on the team," he said. "That's ridiculous. He's short in stature, but, in the 120-pound weight class, I haven't seen a stronger kid yet. That's good. That's a plus."

Tell City's Spenser Beard, Jessie Lawalin and Chance Young also were given victories on forfeits in their respective weight classes.

Crawford County suffered defeats in the other match-ups wrestled. Dale France suffered a defeat to Kain Crawford on falls, while Key fell to Justin Alverea in a sudden second-period pin. Ward said both of those matches could have gone either way.

"With Dale France, his match, he was in position to win several times, and Austin Key got pinned in a real fluke," Ward said. "It takes two seconds to pin, and I heard the official count, 'One, two.' It was legit. It was just one of those things that is just luck. He tried a good move and almost hit it, but the other kid ended up catching him. It was just kind of a bad-luck situation there."

Newton went the full three rounds with Mason Waninger but lost on points, 10-2. Crawford County freshman Jordan Vaughn lost on a pin by Tell City senior Zach Roberts. Junior Andre Molgori, who has the best record of the Wolfpack squad, went into the third period before being pinned by Blake Alvey.

"Andre's from Brazil and knows jujitsu and judo, so he likes to try to wrestle up top and try to throw," Ward said. "If he gets another kid who's as strong as he is, who can throw with him, he can get into a little bit of trouble. That's kind of what happened tonight. He ran into a kid who wrestled a little bit."

Ward said while his team hasn't had the best of seasons record-wise, he has seen considerable improvement through the year.

"That tends to happen with young wrestlers," he said. "We don't have anybody who has more than one year of experience on the team. … If there was a basketball team and a team full of kids who had only played basketball one year, you would expect some sloppy performances. We've had that. As the year's gone, they've started to become almost third-year wrestlers. Some of those kids, they start picking up tournament experience."

This year marks the first year of junior high wrestling at Crawford County. Ward said that while there are differences in the two levels, the experience for his younger grapplers will be important.

"We should be returning four, and we've got around eight or nine eighth-graders out on the junior high team, so we'll lose a few, but, hopefully, we can bring up a large number of them and have a few more high-schoolers come out," Ward said. "We want to be able to keep moving forward as a team. Last year, we finished with five wrestlers. This year, it looks like we're going to finish with eight, so it's progress."

"There's such a big difference between junior high wrestling and high school wrestling, especially asking freshmen to wrestle varsity," he said.

Tell City 52, Crawford County 18

106-Pound Class-Mason Winiger (TC) def. Austin Newton; 113-Pound Class-Kirk France (CC) wins by forfeit; 120-Pound Class-Andy Patton (CC) def. Travis Brinkneader (pin); 126-Pound Class-Jessie Lawalin (TC) wins by forfeit; 132-Pound Class-Justin Alverez (TC) def. Austin Key (pin); 138-Pound Class-Chance Young (TC) wins by forfeit; 145-Pound Class-Shane Gabbard (CC) wins by forfeit; 152-Pound Class-Kain Crawford (TC) def. Dale France (falls); 170-Pound Class-Spencer Beard (TC) wins by forfeit; 182-Pound Class-Blake Alvey (TC) def. Andre Molgori (pin); 220-Pound Class-Zach Roberts (TC) def. Jordan Vaughn (pin)

Crawford places 5 in SIWC match

The Crawford County wrestling team placed five competitors at the Southern Indiana Wrestling Conference over the weekend at Southwestern High School in Hanover. It was the last match of the season for the Wolfpack before going into the Jan. 28 sectional at Southridge.

"There are 14 teams in this conference tournament," coach Jimmy Ward said. "This conference was started in 1984 for teams that do not have an actual home conference to wrestle in. There must be four teams to have an actual conference tourney, and, as of now, the (Patoka Lake Athletic Conference) only has us, Mitchell and Paoli as wrestling members."

Austin Newton finished fifth in the 106-pound class, and Dale France was fifth in his 138-pound division. Kirk France finished eighth in the 133-pound class, and Shane Gabbard also was eighth in his 145-pound class.

Andre Mogori had the best finish of the day, earning the second-place position in his 182-pound class, being only the second wrestler in the school's history to make the finals.

"He lost 17-5 to Seth McCutcheon of Charlestown," Ward said. "Andre wrestled very well today and really put some things we have been working on in practice together."

"Dale France and Austin Newton both went 4-1, while Andre was 3-1, losing only in the finals," he said. "The other two lost in the quarterfinals and had to wrestle back to fifth place."

Crawford County's new junior high team will open its season this weekend at New Washington.

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