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New Georgetown Council gets feet wet with small issues

January 25, 2012
The first regular monthly meeting of the Georgetown Town Council since new elected members took over the reins produced little in the way of major decision-making, but it did allow the new members to get their feet wet on several small issues.

After the November elections, only one board member, Mike Mills, retained a seat on the council. At an organizational meeting earlier this month, Mills was elected president of the council and newcomer Jim Tripure was put in the vice president position.

At this month's regular meeting, on Jan. 17, board members heard two requests from residents for credit on water bills. Carol Webb told the board that the previous board had agreed to give a credit for high water usage at her home due to the need to water their lawn during reseeding. She was asking for a $87.02 credit.

Saying that the town's "summer relief program" gives residents a break from May through October to allow for the filling of swimming pools and other excess water usage, Mills told Webb, "We don't want to open a can of worms here. We may go 50 percent of that."

"We did everything the board told us to do," Webb countered.

"Not this board," Mills responded.

The board went on to approve a 50-percent credit on the water bill.

Clerk-Treasurer Doug Cook then informed the board of a letter from another family that stated a water hose was accidentally left running for several days and they were asking for a $65.12 credit.

"This is a completely different situation," Council member Jerry Brock said. "Nothing went bad on the house, no plumbing problems; they just left the hose on."

The board then denied the request.

Jim Reynolds, the town's utilities director, then informed the board that the Historical District nomination survey was 75 percent complete.

"They will now be focusing on the photography," he said.

Reynolds went on to say that creating a historical district would not impose new regulations on homeowners in the district.

"But, in most cases, this will increase property values," he added.

The town's legal representative also changed with the new board. Attorney Mike Summers was appointed to assist in legal matters, succeeding former town attorney D.A. Andrews.

Summers presented three ordinances for the board's approval: one regulating the oversight and management of storm water, another establishing a Department of Storm Water Management and Storm Water Board of Directors for the town and the third establishing the annual salary for the building inspector for the town at $7,000. All were voted on and passed 5-0.

The next town council meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 21, then, the rest of the year, the meetings will be on the third Monday of each month. They will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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