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Primary slate set as filing deadline passes

February 15, 2012
Friday was the filing deadline for anyone who wanted to run for a political office in the May Primary Election, and noon on Monday was the deadline for anyone wanting to withdraw.

The following have filed for federal or state offices (*incumbent):

President of the United States: Democrats — Barack Obama*; Republicans — Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Patricia Inez Sandifer and Rick Santorum.

United States Senator: Democrat — Joe Donnelly; Republicans — Richard G. Lugar* and Richard E. Murdock.

United States Representative, District 9: Democrats — Jonathan George, John Griffin Miller, John W. Tilford and Robert Winningham; Republican — Todd Young*.

Indiana Governor: Democrats — John R. Gregg and Thomas Lenfert; Republicans — Mike Pence and Jim Wallace; Libertarian — Rupert Boneham.

Indiana Attorney General: Republican — Greg Zoeller*.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Republican — Tony Bennett*.

State Representative, District 70: Democrats — Alva J. (Jim) Kincaid Jr. and Terry Miller; Republican — Rhonda Rhoads*.

State Representative, District 72: Democrats — Sharon Grabowski and Thomas L. Lenfert; Republican — Edward D. (Ed) Clere*

State Representative, District 73: Democrat — Sandra Blanton; Republican — Steve Davisson*.

State Representative, District 74: Democrat — Mike Schriefer; Republican — Sue Ellspermann*.

In Crawford County, candidates include:

Commissioner, District 2: Democrat — Randy Gilmore*; Republicans — Jimmie L. Montgomery and Larry Young.

Commissioner, District 3: Democrat — James Schultz*; Republican — Morton M. Dale.

County Council, At-Large: Democrats — William Breeding*, Douglas H. McLain* and Jerry Brewer*; Republicans — Michael A. Carlisle Sr. and Joe Lahue.

Coroner: Democrat — David Wayne Bullington; Republican — Michelle Fitch.

Surveyor: Democrat — Tammy Taylor-Deweese; Republican — Reggie Timberlake*.

Treasurer: Democrat — Kelli Shelton Slaughterback*; Republican — Laura L. Atwood.

In Harrison County, candidates include:

Commissioner, District 1: Democrat — James Goldman*; Republican — George Ethridge

Commissioner, District 2: Democrats — Scott Hussung and Carl L. (Buck) Mathes*; Republican — Kenny Saulman.

Council, At-Large: Democrats — Sheila Bryant Best, Timothy S. Coffman, Richard Gerdon*, Leslie June Robertson, Gerald Saulman and Patricia A. (Pat) Wolfe; Republicans — Doug Harkness, Jim Heitkemper* and M.E. Wallace.

Circuit Court Clerk: Democrat — Rilla Gerdon; Republican — Sally Harbaugh Whitis.

Coroner: Democrat — Rusty Sizemore*; Republican — Isaac Williams.

Recorder: Democrat — Debby Mathes; Republican — Barbara Birkla Best*.

Surveyor: Democrat — Clayton Baylor; Republican — Harold Klinstiver*.

In Floyd County, candidates include:

Commissioner, District 2: Democrat — Charles (Chuck) Freiberger*; Republicans — Bill Fender, John Kettler and David Matthews.

Commissioner, District 3: Democrat — Dennis O. Roudenbush; Republican — Steve Bush*.

County Council, At-Large: Democrats — Larry Clemons, Ted Heavrin, Carol Shope and Brad Striegel; Republicans — Steve Burks, Billy W. Stewart, Jim Wathen and Cam Wright.

Coroner: Democrats — Todd Caufield and Leslie E. Knable; Republican — Thomas Sonne.

Recorder: Democrat — Maury Goldberg; Republican — Lois Naville Endris.

Surveyor: Republican — William B. Gibson.

Treasurer: Republican — Linda L. Berger.

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