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Hi, I'm Leslie

June 06, 2012
Introducing myself to someone without looking them in the eye is difficult for me, but since we will be working closely and you will find me all over your community, it is important to me that you know who I am. Not just my name.

I'm a former college athlete, and some of you will remember me from high school sporting events, as well. A lot has changed since then but much is the same. I'm still competitive when necessary, still easygoing the rest of the time, and I still have a head full of curly hair. Perhaps my most easily identifiable feature besides my height.

People say home is where the heart is. In my life, I have found that to be true. My heart has always been and always will be in Southern Indiana. It is where my family resides, where I was raised and where I will perpetually call my home.

This is not my first newspaper job, though it is perhaps the one I am most excited to be a part of because it is close to home and with people and places with whom I am familiar.

It's terribly funny how life works out. A journalist was not what I set out to be when I entered college, but it is what I have become, and I have never been more thankful. To meet new people and to learn a little something each day is very cool. Things rarely get boring.

I've been fortunate enough to travel a lot in my short time on Earth, and I've always found the people in this area to be the ones I would prefer to surround myself with and to raise my children beside.

Family is perhaps the most important thing to me, and lessons that I have learned through them have helped me to become a better journalist.

My mother taught me to have integrity and to be honest in everything that I do, to admit to my mistakes. My siblings have taught me not to take life too seriously, never sweat the small stuff and to apologize when necessary.

Other than that, I'm just your everyday average Jane.

Music, books, travel and sports are all passions of mine, and I enjoy sharing them with the people I meet.

I'm a talker, which is sometimes beneficial, sometimes not, and I love to learn new things. I'm doomed to be a lifelong student.

In my job here at the Clarion News, I promise to bring that same honesty and integrity that I was taught growing up to the content that I write.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

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