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Lissie Massengale

Is apathy or peace next big thing?

June 06, 2012
Apathy. It's the next big thing. And not the kind where we ignore trifles that do not or should not concern us and our oh-so-busy lives, full of our oh-so-important opinions. We live in our own little world, where we are focused on what makes us happy, because we are of the utmost importance. Our version of right and wrong may not be the same as others, but it works for us, so it's all right. However, when someone tries to tell us that it's not all right, our peace is disrupted.

We have all heard the term "haters." Maybe, at some point in our life, we have been a "hater." If you've ever tried to tell someone their religion, sexual orientation, political party or beliefs, in general, are wrong or backward, you would be considered a "hater." Christians, in particular, are haters, "shoving their beliefs" down the throat of anyone who is swaying a little too far left for their taste. God is the ultimate "hater," creating a world full of misery and destruction, then seemingly sitting back to watch it all tumble downhill, the entire time judging the victims of His chaotic reign to an eternity of pain and anguish. Those who profess Jesus as their Savior paint a target on their back for those who think God too judgmental to be the ruler of their life and everything that holds it together.

Let's say, hypothetically, that God doesn't exist. We're alone out here, on this spinning ball of water and vapor and mud, in the middle of a black vacuum of eternal emptiness. We evolved from slime into a superior form of life, simultaneously making this world better as we destroy it. We have no purpose, save to survive. There is no right or wrong, no basis to what we "should" be doing or believing. If I say gay marriage is wrong, cool for me, and if you say it's all right, cool for you. We should all just get along, be accepting of others, no matter who or what they are, and keep our opinions to ourselves. The world would be a perfect place without God to tell us what is right or wrong.

Now, let's look at the world through the eyes of the "haters." Our friends and sometimes our family despise everything on which we were built. In a state of internal pain and longing for something that is just beyond their reach, they live their lives without security, without stability, without love. And we know that where they're going, it won't get any better. We try to tell them we know how to fix their broken, empty hearts; we know who can help them back on their feet. We have only love and compassion for our dear, dear friends. But, when we try to show it, we are shoved away, persecuted, with the very thing we are trying to fix thrown back at us — told that we are to blame, us and the fictional fairy in the sky. We feel our God's pain, watching those we love fall farther and farther away from peace.

Peace. Why isn't this the next big thing? When was the last time you felt true peace, true happiness … if at all? Let's take a look, if you will, at another world. A world where peace is whispered with every breath, where joy is as bright and constant as the eternal light shining on green pastures, still waters and starry mansions. There are no mysteries of how the world began or who held it in the balance until the end of days. You can profess and sing and rejoice your faith in the Maker without having to back down and apologize for offending those who disagree. You can visit the Orchestrator of the universe every day and know that You are His child. There is no heartache, no misery, no fearing for the lives of your comrades, because everyone you ever loved is right there with you. There is only … peace. Is this not worth believing in? Worth living for or dying for?

Apparently, a life on Earth devoted to serving and saving fallen comrades from a life without hope is far worse than a purposeless, lonely, apathetic existence. There must be a problem with God I don't understand, some flaw with redemption and hope hidden from me that makes faith so detestable to you. I'll stand aside and watch you suffer, my heart breaking for you because I know who and what can help you. But you, you live your life the way you want, be as happy as you can with your life down here. It's better than what's waiting for you down there.

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