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Council approves temporary sewer fund loan

June 27, 2012
The Milltown Town Council, meeting in regular session June 11, approved loaning money from the town's riverboat gaming fund to its sewer sinking fund.

The council voted 2-0 (Jean Melton was absent) to adopt a resolution presented by Clerk-Treasurer Susan Mills for a positive revenue loan in the amount of $25,000. The loan will be used to pay an existing sewer bond payment that comes due each January and July. The bond is one that was taken when the sewer plant was built in 2007.

Generally, those payments would have been taken out of the debt reserve fund, but the previous clerk-treasurer failed to place the proper funds in the reserve, Mills said.

She proposed the resolution to cover the bond payment for July, with the loan to be repaid at a rate of $2,500 per month for 10 months. Mills also said that she is making sure that the funds are being allocated each month to the debt reserve fund so that they do not have to propose a resolution of this nature in the future. The regular income obtained from the sewer operating fund will cover the monthly payments.

Meeting in special session two days later, the council, upon introduction of new information, revised the amount to be borrowed to $18,000. The loan will be repaid in monthly increments of $3,000 apiece, with the entire loan being repaid by the end of the year.

In another matter, Chief Marshal Ray Saylor reported his department will need help from the council funding the annual National Night Out in August. The event costs approximately $1,500 to put on, and Saylor anticipates falling about $500 shy of that amount.

"We are going to be short," he said. "We set a deadline to have this done and ready 60 days out, so we will be short."

Saylor said if the department doesn't get the funds, it will have to scale back the event, cutting out many portions.

He said the shortage in funds is due to some vendors no longer able to support the event.

The council encouraged Saylor to continue to seek donations to make up the $500 shortfall but agreed to provide the difference.

This year's event will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 7.

In the other matters, Bill Byrd, of the events committee, said it has purchased another 1,000 ducks for the Ducky Derby at the town's annual festival in September. Children will be able to paint their ducks before the event. It's just one of the many events that the committee has planned for the festival.

Byrd also said that the annual Memorial Day sit-in at Milltown Cemetery went well, as volunteers raised $837 for its upkeep.

"People this year were very, very generous," Byrd said. "It's difficult to get people to sit because it's hotter than you know what and they have a lot to do on Memorial weekend, but we were able to fill all the spots."

The council also discussed the uninhabitable properties throughout the town. Council President Curt Hudson, Saylor and Jim Pevlor, town manager, agreed that the properties are potentially hazardous to children and teens playing in the area.

With the current ordinance, the town has been taking responsibility for the clean-up of the properties when the owners fail to act or respond to citations. Everyone was in agreement that a new policy should be devised for the upkeep of these properties.

"We are doing the work for these people, and we are incurring the indebtedness of it, and there's no penalty for them," Saylor said. "We have to have more teeth in our ordinance."

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