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Golfers struggle at English

September 05, 2012
It was a tough, hot day for golfers from Crawford County, North Harrison and Borden Monday afternoon, Aug. 27, as the Lady Cats bettered the Lady Pack by 19 strokes to win the three-way match. Borden was one member short of a full team.

North Harrison’s Devin Smith watches this putt roll toward the hole as she finished with a 41 against Crawford County and Borden. “I had a few bad holes that messed me up,” said Smith, who is averaging a 37 for nine holes. “My putts weren’t great today. My approach shots weren’t great. It was all pretty much the same.” Photo by Wade Bell
"I think the heat bothered them some," Crawford County coach Mike Brown said.

Temperatures were in the 90s with high humidity, but Brown said the mental part of the game played into the day's outcome.

"I think our biggest problem right now, like most golfers, is between the ears," he said. "You have a bad hole and then it turns into two bad holes or three bad holes. You have a bad shot, and it turns into a bad hole."

North Harrison's Devin Smith has been averaging a score of 37 for nine holes during this season, but this day even she struggled, finishing with a 42.

"I struggled, too, but I just kept my head, I guess," Smith said. "I had a few bad holes that messed me up. … My putts weren't great today. My approach shots weren't great. It was all pretty much the same."

"She hit some bad shots, but that's going to happen," North Harrison coach Bob Higdon said. "A lot of it could be avoided. I think she gets ahead of herself. She hurries a little bit too much. I try to get her slowed down, to think about it a little bit more before she hits her shot."

Smith said the course was in good shape, even with the drought. Last year, saw the course severely burned with some greens not being playable.

"It was really nice out there today," said Smith, a senior who is hoping to play with Hanover or Oakland City College. "I like this course. The hardest course this year for me was the Jasper Municipal Course. That was my worst score this year with an 84 (for 18 holes). I just didn't play well on the backside. The backside is a lot tighter than the front. I played better on the front side."

"I like what I see with the course," Higdon said. "It's a hundred times better than last year. (Lucas) is doing a good job."

The Lady Cats' other members saw Amanda Barnett finish at 57, Brittany McCarty 63 and Shena Johnson 65. Despite the high scores, the Lady Cats are still looking at a chance of finishing high in the Mid-Southern Conference.

"If they work at it, yes," Higdon said. "We've got two weeks, and we're going to have to invest it a little bit to get there. We've come close with Corydon and Salem this year, and I think that's the two top teams. If everything goes right, if they have their best day, it's possible. … I think they've got an outside chance. But, like I said, you're going to have to work at it."

"I'd like to get out of sectional," Smith said. "I've played my best this year than I have my entire high school career. I'm looking forward to it, and our team has a chance in the conference to at least place, so I'm looking forward to that, too. I'm excited."

The Lady Pack right now are just trying to gain more experience. The team has just two players, Shelbi Cook and Tiffany King, who played last year. Others have only a few weeks of experience.

"Tiffany King played last year and Shelbi Cook played last year," Brown said. "That's really the only two we've got. These other girls, for the most part, have only been playing four or five weeks. So, I'm not real unhappy at how they've played. If you can come out and in four or five weeks be shooting anywhere in the 60s, it's all down from there."

King and Karissa Hensley each finished with a 61 for the nine holes, while Cook and Rachel Bolin finished with a 62. Brown said it was just one of those days where things didn't go well for anybody.

"We're getting a little better," Brown said. "Everybody did not shoot their best tonight, and everybody has shot better than that. So, we'll just go back tomorrow and tee it off again. That's the good thing about golf. You can do it all over tomorrow. The scores don't carry over."

North Harrison 227

(Devin Smith 42, Amanda Barnett 57, Brittany McCarty 63, Shena Johnson 65)

Crawford County 246

(Karissa Hensley 61, Tiffany King 61, Shelby Cook 62, Rachel Bolin 62)

Borden - No team score

(Christian Fink 51, Sarah Potter 51, Haifa Ishtayeh 62)

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