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Blackhawks roll Wolfpack

September 26, 2012
Although it was homecoming, it was another night of frustration for the Crawford County Wolfpack Friday as the visiting Springs Valley Blackhawks steamrolled to a 48-6 win. Even as frustrating as the season has been, Crawford County coach Alan Hess is working to improve his team with each practice and game.

"We're proud of them," Hess said of his 18 players. "They play hard. We just have to keep working, get off the football. When things are bad, the only way to get better is to work. We've got to instill in these young men a good work ethic that will carry on past football, past high school. And they do. They work hard. We worked as hard as we can during the week with myself and one assistant coach at practice. We're doing all we can. We don't have the means and the resources or the personnel to do a lot. For what we have, we're getting the most out of them."

Valley had three touchdowns in the first quarter. Sebastian Baggett ran 50 yards for the first one less than three minutes into the game. Later, quarterback Levi Weddle kept the ball for a 9-yard touchdown run. With less than a minute in the quarter, Bo Webster ran 19 yards into the end zone. Blackhawk place-kicker Austin Schaber went 2 for 3 on extra points in the period, and Valley had a 20-0 lead.

In the second period, Weddle scored again, this time on a 13-yard run on first down. Midway through the period, Weddle threw to Blake Robling for 23 yards and a score. Weddle scored again with less than a minute to go in the half. Schaber again connected of two of his three extra-point attempts, and the Blackhawks took a 40-0 at halftime.

"We didn't get it done up front," Hess said. "They're much bigger than we are and much older than we are and much stronger than we are. It was every bit two to one, about like North Harrison. They were just bigger than us at every spot. They're about like Paoli and Perry (Central) and everybody we've played. We're the littlest team around. It's going to be tough sledding against varsity teams."

Neither team scored in the third period, but with 3:57 to go in the game, Valley got its last score of the night on a 3-yard run by backup quarterback Hector Walker. The Blackhawks got the two-point conversion to lead 48-0.

Crawford County managed to get on the board following a 51-yard punt return by Seth Fell to the Valley 11-yard line. Crawford County lost three yards on the next play, but, on the final play of the game, Fell connected with Levi Schwartz for a 14-yard touchdown pass, ending the game at 48-6.

"I'd have liked to have got on the board at the beginning one of these days, but it is what it is," Hess said. "On the bright side, we played their JV 8-6. So, you look down the road with our young kids and, hopefully, they can take that away, that they played right with them. With commitment to the weight room, we will be able to compete with them on the varsity level in the coming years."

Crawford County went to B.J. Mahoney most of the night, with Hess saying that Mahoney has accounted for the majority of the Wolfpack offense.

"We went back and looked at the stats, and he was accounting for 60 percent of our offense," Hess said. "We decided to put the ball in his hands every play. The kid runs hard. He gets down the hill. He's got a little strength to him. He's got a little looseness to him. He doesn't throw a bad ball when he has time."

Hess said his staff and team will continue to work to improve to the end of the season.

"You just keep plugging," he said. "You go back to work Monday morning. You pop the film in and you see what you can fix. We're not going to get bigger, but we can do little things. We've got to do little things and keep improving week to week, day to day, and know that there's a better day coming."

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