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Milltown tentatively OKs appointment of new reserve officer

December 19, 2012
After some discussion, the Milltown Town Council tentatively approved the recommendation by Police Chief Ray Saylor to appoint William Goerlitz as a new reserve officer.

The motion was made by Jean Melton, vice president of the council. Council member Monty Garrett said he would vote in favor of the motion on the condition that, after meeting with Goerlitz, he could decline and the motion would not pass.

Council President Curt Hudson and Melton had already spoken with Goerlitz and wished to give Garrett the same opportunity. Hudson, therefore, seconded the motion.

"We're really pleased to have him (Goerlitz) with us," Saylor said. "He passed a very rigorous selection process and was chosen from a field of 12 people."

Goerlitz comes to the Milltown Police Department from the Crawford County Sheriff's Department, where he works in corrections.

Also relatively new to the department is reserve officer Brenden Satori. Satori was previously employed by the Crawford County Sheriff's Department as a corrections officer, as well, but has recently taken the same position in Harrison County.

In other police business, Saylor informed the council that he had given an extension to the owners of a problematic piece of land located along Day Lane. Saylor extended the allotted clean-up time for the owners due to a death in the family.

He also updated the council on the status of the town's radios. Due to a changed federal law, all public service radios must be switched from a wide-band to a narrow-band receiving system before the start of 2013.

Saylor said there were two radios that could not be updated to the new system and that the department is looking for two used radios in order to bring the station into compliance with the law.

Saylor also noted that the new vehicle that was approved at last month's meeting has been ordered and will be in around the start of the new year.

Jim Pevlor, the town manager, and the Events Committee reported on the Light Up Milltown event, calling it a success.

Pevlor also informed the town that the town truck has new tires and that the electric heaters have been installed into their office. Summer equipment has all been stored and all town vehicles have been prepared for winter. The town also received 25 tons of salt in preparation for inclement weather.

Clerk-treasurer Susan Mills read her monthly report and updated the board on the state of the town's finances. Civil town totals are $17,850 while sewer totals are $16,449.

The council is requesting volunteers for the Park board and will be updating members during the year-end meeting, which will be Thursday, Dec. 27, at 7:30 p.m. at the town hall.

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