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I agree with 50% of what Kenneth Colber said.
February 10, 2009 | 03:54 PM

Mr. Cable is obviously pretty far to the left, all his columns prove this. I do not agree that all liberals are to blame for the current mess that we find ourselves facing. Do some research on the community reinvestment act, fannie mae, freddie mac, barney frank. While these are the same of the main reasons for the current housing mess, the main reason is very simple actually. John Doe makes 35,000 a year and gets a loan for 350,000 for his dream home that he knows he cannot afford. People like John Doe are the reason for the housing mess. Some people who lean towards the left will say, "the banks shouldnt have loaned them the money", I agree, but if you do some research of the people and companies I talked about earlier then you will see its not that simple. A lot of these banks were forced to make risky loans to people because of government bills like the CRA. I will say from the government end of things, that mostly liberal democrats caused most of this mess by believing that everyone is entitled to a new home even if they cannot afford it. On the other hand both republicans and democrats got loans for homes that they could not afford. This is huge mess that has been building for almost 30 years, and it has now blown up. I just hope our new President is up to the task of figuring out that mistakes of the past and making sure he does not repeat them.

Ronald Lincoln
Schuler Bauer
Barbara Shaw
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