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A Big Heart
January 02, 2010 | 12:50 AM

Dr. Abel will definately be missed. He was my professor for a law class when I was freshman. I took this class to fill my public speaking credit hoping that because it was a law course I would skip out of speaking in front of the class. I was wrong about that. Dr. Abel made sure of it. I went on to double major in Accounting/ Law. Dr. Abel was my advisor but he was more than that. He took the time to listen which is such a special quality that alot of people do not have. He took the time to really listen to his students and connect in a way that would make them a better person by knowing him. In his classes he asked of us alot of questions that really made us think. His classes were not memorization but life lessons that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I was also fortnuate enough to be his graduate assistant for two years. During that time I grew close to him and he became like a father to me. My father was emotionally disconnected from me and having Dr. Abel to listen and provide support in my life meant the world to me. He has always been there for me in my life and I will miss him greatly. I will always remember his teddy bear hugs, his sarcastic dry sense of humor, making chili in his office, his wacky hats, never missing a international festival and most of all being able to call him dad. He chose to love me like a daughter which is what I needed. My prayers are with his family and everyone who had the chance to know him. He will not be forgotten and has touched so many lives by being on this earth. He loved his wife, kids and grandchildren and would talk about them all the time. I will keep with me the good memories and remember he will always be with us.

Tammy Buwalda (formerly Burns)
Schuler Bauer
Barbara Shaw
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