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Good Luck: Great Place!!
January 06, 2010 | 10:54 AM

I lived in California for 57 years, and was a waitress all over the USA.and one day when I was "Home" West Fork" I hadnt had anything to eat and decided to go to the Over Look. To my surprise there was a line out side and when I inquired what was going on, they told me there was an article about the place in the Courier Journal, and they were stuck with not enough help to handle it-Well being a Crawford countain, I vollenteered to help and was given a uniform and went to work. This was after lunch and I worked till we ran out of food about 7 pm. Not even enough for the "help"to eat, so I drove on to White Castle in New Albany and that was my lunch and dinner----At that time a Dr and wife owned the place and they tried to pay me but I wouldnt take any money----I made good tips and I was helping back a neighbor that had helped me during the depression in my own mind.
A few days later with my 2 sisters with me to visit cemeteries, we stopped to eat at the Overlook-------I really didnt expect to be recognized, but to our surprise there was NO check and Dr and his wife came to thank me. It has been my familys favorite place to eat for a long time and I wish The Breedens great luck on their retirement----Clara Mae and I grew up together at West Fork and her family were our dear neighbors!! Nadine Shoemaker Arnold In Fl

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