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A different opinion
February 20, 2011 | 07:03 PM

I live on a small fixed income. I am retired and I have raised 2 children both who attended the North Harrison system. If right now I could go back and send them to private school, I would not hesitate for one nano second. They did not receive what I would call a good education. I pay out of my own pocket for my grandchild to attend a private school. There are 20 students in the class and the teacher teaches. My grandchild is very bright and makes mostly straight A's. It appears that all teachers do not support school vouchers. Well, I am not eligible to receive them. I have been paying property taxes in Indiana over 40 years and have not had a child in NH for many years yet I am still paying property taxes for the school system. I understand that the school system receives $5.500 or so dollars for EACH child in the school system so it appears to me that I am saving the state of Indiana $5.500 dollars a year by paying privately and I think this is unfair. All those paying privately should get a voucher, tax deduction, credit, etc. from Indiana! As for teachers what other job can you have where you only work 9 months out of the year? And Monday through Friday? I would also like to add that over 90% of the students attending my grandchilds school receive scholarships. Some amount to almost $100,000 dollars. These are very bright kids because they are taught by teachers who teach. We do homework 3 nights a week. No, I am not rich in dollars. I have to pinch pennies and drive an old car. I have always heard a good education is something you can never lose. I am for vouchers but against the idea that those already attending private school are ineligible. I do agree that there are too many lobbyists and special interests and Indiana does not want to help seniors. I suppose that is why so many have moved to Florida. I have teachers in my own family and there are some good ones but one's own family should decide what is best for their children and grandchildren and which schools offer the best opportunity for the best education and scholarships.

Barbara Shaw
Schuler Bauer
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